VF @ Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I blog about my day, and it includes what happens during the day, didn't dedicated a post her (pen girl) or anything. Just happen to mention that she borrowed my pens, never returned them and avoided me like the plague (that was part 1). She found out about it during part 2, where her group "found" my blog from a card inside my coat. The night my card was "found" a Tuesday the blog had 395 views from 39 IPs (the source: fb). Wedesnday, 224 views, 1 IP, it appears IT decided not to block it. And that's the story of why I have a bag alarm, an paranoid to the point that I barely function (it's not paranoia if they're out to get you) and why no one can borrow my stuff.

Probs should mention that I pretty much don't talk to anyone at work, only one person. Management, and by management I mean two certain ladies, need to chill. I posted a joke an acquittance made, a come back to something I said and he got in trouble for that...The interesting thing was that I didn't post his name, as we all go by our 'blog name' (except me). It ain't gossiping if I didn't talk to anyone, and he found out about it at the staff meeting they had to discuss the 'issue'.

"Management" said some stuff saying that when I signed the contract it said 'what happens in Vegas, says in Vegas' and that it was bullying. They also threatened me on the lines of 'you're a gossiping liar, we shall destroy you', without using those words. We bought in a lawyer, they didn't expect that. And said the media's going to have a field day (this org has an overall good reputation). They dropped the case faster than a grenade and fortunately my contract expired at the end of that year.

And that was the end of that. The following months after the event, one of the ladies involved, I felt was making an effort to be extra nice to me. The acquittance said I was never the same after that, he said in nicer terms that I had become a b***h. The panic attacks started and I had several breakdowns, took time off work, paranoia rocketed and I've been prescribed to be on medication ever since. I intend one day to sue 'management', but my lawyer said we don't have enough evidence, as nothing was recorded and all records management made were destroyed, and his approach is more for settling rather than 'win at all costs'.

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