Today we spent 3hrs traveling for a one hour class in which we discussed two questions, one of which still confuses me. Originally I also had a lecture on today, but I changed classes (the guy had an accent). I'd change the other class, for a better time/day, but then I might get a tutor I don't understand.

The first question today we discussed was about the incentive the government is suggesting, where high performance teachers be rewarded. Two were for it (including the guy on my right) and the rest were right-fully against it. If teachers were offered this reward then there would be more people who'd choose the career for the wrong reason, thinking that they could be the best in that subject, I can certainly name a few people like this. But the thing is, people who choose to become teachers do so because it's what they want, to be a mentor to kids (in some cases) and be a good influence on them, and to hopefully be remembered as an awesome/fabulous teacher. If you're in it for the money you're weird, seriously another degree that takes the same time could get you earning much more. Though if we were in it for the money, we'd all be accountants.  

Along the way we defined what a high performance teacher was and how it would be measured - the complete topic's link to economics is unknown -, and promotions. Last yr mr health got promoted, and we all know why he got it, exp (lots of it, I swear he's older than he looks, he's not even old, he's more young-ish), he's very dedicated (even though he has a life and family) and spends a lot of time helping kids; and it does help to be that person everyone like. -There is a relevant point here - It was not about hours spent on admin. and research.

To be promoted at this college, it's all about admin & research hours. Time spent helping kids out of class is called "consultation hours" and are often very limited. What if you have a lecture/another class on at that time? Email it I suppose... Tutors here are in fact aren't rewarded or gain any sort of points towards a promotion, and this in a way is discouraging them from helping the kids out of these hours. And with an emphasis on "self-learning" no wonder not many are understanding anything and as a result failing. And what makes it even worse for this subject, if that it used to run for a year, but now partially due to lack of funding it has been crammed into half the time, but still with the same amount of work.   

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