Week 2 & Still Lost & Confused @ Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 2 of the new college, and we're finalizing timetables, I think the program for it becomes view only on wed/thu this week! Moved Monday's class to Wednesday night, so that we only have to be there 3 days instead of four, with one just being an hour class. Ms Monday is very cool and open (something that would have gotten her in lots of trouble, if anyone told at my last college), but traveling for 3hrs for an hour class isn't very time/cost efficient. Plus she's a bit lost on what we're meant to do too - not her fault, nothing's very clear for anyone it seems. Not around here anyway...

On Monday for afternoon tea, instead of going for Cupcakes, as I had planned to bake that week, we decided to get... Milk XD. Oak's Vanilla Malt Flavoured Milk. It is the best vanilla milk you can get (at the supermarket anyway). My first encounter with it was about a year ago, at work, a jerk "in front" of me had pushed in front at the caf and bought the last pasta dish, and I ended up getting a burger from Grill'd, and so it came my turn to be served, and I had no idea what to get. Spontaneously I decided to get Vanilla Milk, it came in a 300ml-ish bottle and I've been getting it ever since. Fast forward a year later to Monday night, I bought Oak's Vanilla Malt. It was wonderful as always... until I got very sick from it, food poisoning I think. 

Wednesday, met M (psych class) to do some work, and went for lunch at Peko (again). She had the sweet n' sour peko box while I ordered the honey chicken. It was amazing as always ^^, this time the salad came in the form of green beans. I love love love their carrot & pumpkin spring rolls ^^, it's a shame that they don't offer a platter of them as an entree. For drinks, before we got there I got Big M Choc Honeycomb Twist ($1 promo from 7 Eleven), one of their limited editions. And once again got food poisoning from milk. In defence Oak & Big M were bought at different stores on different days, though the stores were on the same block/area, if you don't count the lane way in between.

"Take what you need... and leave..."
The art & deco at Peko Peko is interesting, black humour I think.
It's all done/designed by the guy who looks like an artist, who works there. 

In the afternoon we had the eco lec, by my fav lecturer, he doesn't have an accent :) (a very rare species around here it seems). Awk moment where I leave, (apparently only awks because he knows my name - I think) to go outside and throw up. I think I missed quite a lot, though it didn't seem that long. Bought two more textbooks, only two to go. For marketing you either get the textbook or ebook, not both :(. And with the ebook it's attached to your IP, so only your home computers can access it. And you can't bring it to class on your laptop - unless you live on campus.

Attempt no.2 at the college caf, mocha with two brown sugars. I got white. They don't do brown sugar I was informed, it costs more = less profits. This is stupid, I seriously need to find a good coffee place in the area soon. Coffee is for long days (9am - 7pm), and it takes about an hour to go to the city and back, and it all depends on train/bus times. The service was better :), I asked for a warm mocha, unfortunately that rude man was still there, though at the till rather than at the machine. It's very disappointing that the service here is just ok or na, like most asian places. They also don't smile. 

Monday's class was moved to Wednesday, ms monday was replaced by a guy - name unknown. He's one of those no nonsense teachers, no one's favourite - but he's good at what he does. In class we go over the lec stuff, rather than discussing homework questions. Oh, and he's scary. Work is to be submitted, with double space, certain font/size with certain boarders. And one question per page. My answer is a sentence, what a waste of 10c. 

Thursday was traumatic. Curiously I thought I was going to have an attack and it happened... Arriving at 2.15pm, I was early for the 2nd half of the day. Consumer stuff, I love this stuff ^^, I once found a blog on it. What I didn't love was the lecturer. Isn't it funny how when making a mean (but sometimes true) comment about someone we use the sand which approach? Honestly I got bored, didn't understand and fell asleep. A lady in my class who was also at the lecture, said that speaker, had an accent and spoke in slabs, punctuation failure. I didn't notice that, only that she was heavily accented and I was lost. 

At some point before Wednesday a package from the UK arrived :).

Friday. Still traumatized, missed both classes, including orientation... Tried to message the tutor, but it appears to be one of those one way addresses. Went to the library to make more notes, from Thursday. And went shopping. At first I got lost, because I wrote at off at stop x, but thought it was x street. Asked some construction workers for directions and ended up at a 18+ adult book store in the basement. A second look at the map, and it was on Eliz st XD. Wrong street.

Dirt Cheap Books. Dirt ain't cheap when you're landscaping :P. It's more like $20 a bag. In recent times the two major store under the book market have closed down/gone online: Boarders & A&R. Only Dymocks is left. When the stores close down they then sell their books to warehouses. Dirt Cheap Books is one of those warehouse bookstore chains. Most books go for $5. Though today they're going out business too! And then there was one: allbooks4less. In an economy when one loses, others benefit. They have books with 50% off the already cheap/discount prices! People die when they go book shopping with me XD, books for me is like shoes to other girls. The boys end up waiting at cafes, while I check out every book in the store. 2hrs later I bought 7 books for $20 :). They were all $2.50-$3 each. One is trashy so I won't post it, though it will be very amusing as a gift to a certain someone ;).


Missed Glee on Friday (was at the library), watched it online and I realized something. In the first episode Rachel shows a picture of her dads, one of African American and the other has glasses. But then in the last episode, the V'day one, her dads look older and are completely different. Producers failed to think ahead :P.

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