Mirror Mirror @ Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm back, though no one realized I was away for a week which was kinda sad. No one missed me, or noticed I wasn't there... nice to know no one would miss me if I was missing :P Just got back from the winter island, it was freezing! When I think island, I think Hawaii, surfing and days at the beach. Instead we had snow, wet windy weather. As a result the majority of our outdoorsy activities were cancelled. It was cold to the point where I had buy winter clothes, as I only bought one jacket and one short sleeve knit top on the trip. Thought it was summer, instead it was the middle of winter. 

First day back, and I'm on holiday mode, organization level: low, handwriting has gone downhill and I woke up to a message from the dentist, with them wanting to know where I was... As a part of this short term pattern, I woke up 15mins to the time we were meeting to see Mirror Mirror. Another blood nose. Late, 1.5hrs, my record. Though the record to be beaten is still 3hrs/na, na because someone never showed up or texted/called. Ashley was upset (understandable, minus patience time for being a girl) and sent me two messages that could have easily been summarized in one line "F- you, I'm going home." In the end she waiting though.

We went to see Mirror Mirror, another SW film. It was very good, the costumes and (place) setting was stunning! I love SW's white dress. Though SW was a bit vanilla to me, and the queen isn't evil, she's just insecure about her looks. It was just pitch-perfect (and kid-friendly) snark. I prefer Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen, Regina - she's truly evil. But she did have a talking magic mirror, which is a portal to a bleak and barren world that contains a hut full of mirrors. The guy in the mirror though is a reflection of the Queen, a younger, wiser version of her.

The film starts with animation, that resembles that puppet show in HP, "Tale of Three Brothers.". Created by the same animator, but instead of animated shadows, porcelain dolls are used.

The dwarfs (Grimm, Butcher, Wolf, Napoleon, Half Pint, Grub, Chuckles) were hilarious, particularly as the bandits XD. And they did actually cast real dwarfs to play the parts, the most well known one was Butcher, the one from PoTC. Interesting they didn't have the Death at a Funeral guy. 

SW lives with the dwarfs after she runs away after the Queen places a hit on her. And while there one of the dwarfs, Napoleon dresses her (he later on becomes a stylist of some sort), and she ends up in a pirate-ty outfit. Corset over tavern wrench top with big pants that look skirt-ty. Not at all practical. Something else interesting was that though they're in winter and there's snow it's not actually cold - at all, and also the forest grounds are perfectly paved flat. Oh and when the Queen "dies" the spell is lifted and it becomes Spring. Interestingly at the wedding there were flowers - where did they come from?

I loved the dwarfs, and Queen's right hand man (voice of George in, George and Martha, and Snowbell (Stuart Little)), who at a point gets turned into a roach XD. The queen being partly a witch, uses love potions, and on the prince uses one of 'Puppy Love' XD accidentally which pretty much turns him into a dog, though not physically.

At the end a crone (the Queen, after the spell was broken) offers Snow White an apple as a wedding gift. And Snow says "It's important to know when you've been beaten.", as said by the Queen in the beginning, as Snow offers her a piece of the apple. That was disappointing that the apple only made an appearance at the very end. At the very end they break into song, like in Ella Enchanted, but not as fitting. It's done Bollywood style, connected & relevance? None whatsoever. Well to the film anyway, other than the director being Indian.

One of the best quotes:
 "She is a threat to everything. Take her to the woods and feed her to the beast." - Queen
Is this about the dress?" - Brighton, her right-hand man

The White Dress
Queen holds a ball, in the theme of gold/white & animals.
Though she appears as the red peacock. And the prince as a magician's bunny.

Very Colourful & Interesting Choice for a Wedding

Overall it was good, family friendly though, so not that dark or deep. Perhaps not worth $18 though, but then again Tuesdays are $11. A good comedy though not very rememberable, though the settings & costumes are absolutely stunning.

After the movie we I (Ashley doesn't eat) went to get a snack. Grill'd won't sell you the Happy Meal unless you're a child! As they see themselves closer to a gourmet burger place that can discriminate, though they're much closer to McD. I will be looking up the legislation on that. It's stupid. Do you want to sell or not? What difference does it make of the consumer's age? It's not like you're selling alcohol to a child, they have those restrictions for a reason though. I have always bought the Happy Meal at Grill'd. And so we left, and went to another Grill'd (QV). Once again, discrimination. This time we were served by the manager, who says since they opened 3yrs ago the kid's meal has always been restricted. Well maybe in the CBD, but not at the place I always go to. This is the bit where I felt a temper coming on, followed by a panic attack/psychological breakdown - fortunately with Ashley there, that prevented it somehow. I felt sorry for the manager who had to deal with that, he was nice and didn't go bitch like the girl at the first store.

- Presentation Fail -

Ended up ordering the Simply Grill'd w/o tomato & onion with added cheese $13.40. It was nice, though I'm getting something different next time. Presentation completely failed. To compensate for me not getting what I want, in a way, it was a Tuesday - meaning you get a free drink with any burger purchase (with Student ID). I do like Schweppes's Agrum Blood Orange. We were having tech issues, full memory card and faulty battery (half the time it says low battery, and when it charges it never goes green), so didn't get many shots.


Re-introducing Ashley. We meet in college, on the same level in Badminton. She's into classics (books), fashion & make-up, is a pianist, cares too much about her rep & what others think. Defined by two numbers: her weight and assessment results. Oh and she doesn't eat, and is attracted to people who can't be defined by a stereotype.

What we have in common, I don't know... H would say it's a semi fish-bowl or situational f/a'ship. But she is fascinating in that she knows better, or at least I believe so, but doesn't act upon it. Ashley has discovered that secret to rapid weight loss that all most teenage girls want (I personally never went through that stage, I like food). It's called the 3 spoon & 4minutes of cardio diet lifestyle, you eat 3 spoons of food a day and do 4minutes of intense cardio before breakfast. She did it and lost 11kgs in a month! That can't be healthy... will ask Hector about it. Last time I saw her in nov she was a size 6, now a size 0 (feel free to google img that). Vanity sizing much? She admitted that she looked like a jew in the camps during WWII - and she does feel like it. You can feel her sternum (bone that covers heart)...

There's something very wrong with the way she thinks and sees people. She's always commenting on the ways other girls look, e.g. girl a is so pretty, b is so tall and skinny, c is skinny but still looks good. That isn't good for your self-esteem, always comparing yourself. The world is already doing it for you, you don't need to join them. And also reading those trashy celeb magazines isn't going to make you feel any better.

I like my food, and no I'm not giving it up. Something really interesting about the way Ashley eats, is that she inhales it - not in the way that mr hob says his nephews inhales food (eat very fast) - but as in she just wanders into places for a sniff, she would love a cigarette-like chocolate inhaler. There is an issue though, it's not just one place that she'll inhale at, she went to at least five places and did that today. And yes I did tell that it makes her look bad when she does that.

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