Bloom's Sale & Cake with Emily @ Saturday, May 26, 2012

On Friday afternoon, after class I met Emily at the station to go to Bloom's Warehouse Sale, they sell Australian-owned beauty products, mainly make-up though. We got lost (in the same area, again) thanks to me :P and my lack of direction skills, I thought that the street we were looking for was on both sides of the main street, and so we walked in the opposite direction to where it was. After a while we got to the warehouse though, on the other side of the main road. 

Emily gave me this very cool bottle, it's a flask shape.

She was super-excited about the sale, as she's really into cosmetics and is studying beauty therapy services, I thought that was a hobby course and she was studying business :P. They had lots of stock (though not as much as Day 1), mainly make-up, creams, lotions, but they also had gift sets, essential oils ($6 each or 2 for $10), brushes, soap, loofahs, sponges, gift cards & boxes and deco. I think one of their stores is closing down, so they're selling things they used for displaying products. We've never been to their sale before, so didn't know what to expect, and so went on the 2nd last day, next time we're going to go on the first day.

Together we bought about $50 worth of stuff, in 1.5hrs. Emily would have bought more (I pretty sure), but it was cash only, and she needed to withdraw - and it was cold and wet outside. The guy who was running the sale was very friendly and let us have an item for free, lip gloss for Emily and a keyring for me. These cosmetic sales are great if you need to buy presents (all except 2 of my friends aren't interested :P, being boys) or just pamper yourself. Next time I'm bring more cash, and getting the essential oils (great for making room sprays).
I think we have photo of the week.

Emily bought...
Brow Essentials Box $10 (?)
Eye (Shadow) Cream $2
Nail Polish Remover Pads $3
Loose Powder
Lip Gloss - Watermelon $free
Cheek Tint
Liquid Glitter Eyeliner - Silver $5
Star Dust (Glitter Roll On) - Antique  

I bought...
Liquid Glitter Eyeliner - Silver $5
Aromatherapy Lip Balm $2
Nail Polish Remover Pads $3
x2 Soap in Lemon/Rose & Brown Sugar/Fig $2
A compact mirror (in the back) $1
Eyeshadow Trio Set - Envy $1
Exfoliating Pad $1
Lipgloss Keyring $free
Plastic Thing (bottom left) $0.50

The plastic thing has potential, it's got a hook at the top, add a jump ring, attach it to a long silver chain, and you got a necklace. It's see through and has a lattice pattern. As I wear a lot of black it won't show, but then you could always add a background to it. Using a range of different materials: paint, paper, felt.

Like the plastic pendent, the keyring also has a lot of potential, for a craft project. We're going to empty out the lipgloss, remove the brush, and clean out the vial. Picture it clear. It can be filled with anything small, like beads, glitter! and little things. Even coloured salt and aconitum. Probably not recommended for perfume though.

One more picture, I'm very excited about the new collage feature on PicMonkey, as it's new (for them). Before PicMonkey I used Picnik, which sadly closed down.

Fantasic Lighting on Level 11.
Glitter Eyeliner not featured, as I didn't get a decent photo of that.

Emily was taking pictures on the left...

At the sale I also bought a deco item. This fantastic basket for $5. I was passively looking for a basket for my Little Red Riding Hood costume. It's of good quality, isn't that heavy, though a bit larger than desired. Going to fill it with realistic plastic apples. Perfect for LRRH or SW, or storage.  

We headed back to the city for dinner, Tandoori for Emily, Fried Rice for me. No pictures were taken as it wasn't particularly photogenic in take-away boxes. You can either have plates or the view. We went up to level 11 for the view again. Afterwards we went to BnT, where Emily tried out a few costumes, I ordered the Queen of Hearts, and she accidentally hit me with a suede whip, it hurt... 

Cupcake Central was the desired place for dessert, but as they were sold out of most flavours, being a Friday night, we went to Secret Recipe. SR is a dinner/dessert place, from Malaysia (a slice of cheesecake for $2USD) though I believe it's more for dessert, and cakes, as that's their specialty. I wouldn't go there for dinner. Here in Australia a slice of cake goes for $6, and there was a large selection. Cheesecakes, chocolate cakes of all sorts, Tiramisu, cookies 'n' cream, it was quite difficult to choose. XD. In the end Emily picked the Mocha, and I got the Black Forest Gateau. She says you could taste the coffee and she was going to be up all night. The BFG was very nice, but like with all creamy cakes, too much and you feel sick. Oh and the cherry on top, usually gross, was actually alright.

For the location, we went to the Indoor Gardens, where Myer was (I think) at one end of Melb. Central. A herb garden, in boxes, with a mini fountain, fake grass, and beanbag like seating. At the moment the weather has been wet and windy, mid-Winter, and so it's a great location for an indoor picnic, though you're bound to see couples and their PDAs. Oh and at night the lighting is epic fail for pictures, and hence we didn't get any decent pictures. But I found some pictures here (work in process) and here.

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