Mid-Week Lunch with Miss M @ Friday, May 25, 2012

My weeks seem surprisingly long, even though they tend to go for three days Wed-Fri,  the illness, it's getting worse. Last year I could do 7am-9pm (with sleeping on the way back) but now I can barely do 9am-5pm, and function best on half days, starting at noon. As well as my energy levels, my motivation and memory is also going. Wednesday seem like more than a week ago, and yet it was only three days.

This week not much work was done... missed half my classes, as usual. Though I should start noting this, as it does keep me more accountable for turning up. Fell asleep in eco, and missed personal develop, a mix of transport issues and too tired (up all the night before working on the presentation). Marketing only went for an hour O.o, and the events lec was not recorded due to tech issues. My first exam is two weeks away.

On Wednesday, before falling asleep in eco we met Miss M (she insists that's her name, and I can't think of another good one that suits her) for lunch. Prompted by the 2-for-1 offer by Dog Nation, we had hot dogs for lunch. Being a hole in the wall-ish sized eatery, they were quite small and so was the menu, which offered 5 hotdogs, each inspired by a food it was named after, e.g. bratswurst for Berlin, and jalapenos for Mexico.  You could opt for a multigrain roll, or white.

Miss M went for the London 'Bangers & Mash' (British beef & pork sausage, mashed potato, smashed peas, gravy $8.90) while I chose Melbourne, (Aussie beef & tomato relish sausage, tomato sauce, mustard, onion, cheese and beetroot relish $7.90), being the only one free of pork (I don't eat pork). It was very nice, I like it better than Snag Stand's Chicken & Rocket. Though the bread at the stand was better. I'd recommend it as a try once place. 

From Picnik to PicMonkey:
A side note: PicMonkey has collages (2+ imgs into one img)! There are many layouts/frames, including all the ones from picnik, and it's all free. But there are two features missing, stamps and next, they're in the edit img function but not collage. Hope they'll soon be added. :) For now we're using the collage function and then re-uploaded for the edit img function to add text.

Our lunch location was level 11 of my building, which isn't the floor I live on, but has a lounge area, with great views of the city. On our way there we stopped by Lindt to get dessert, being a slow day they had a 3-for-2 offer for macarons (2 offers in 1 day :P). We got Hazelnut, Strawberry & Vanilla. My fav the vanilla, while Miss M favoured strawberry. The only flavour I don't like is champagne sparkling wine. 

As I was short on time (M had her class on while I got the hotdogs) and had my classes an hour away (max, with aligning the train and bus times) I got my half to go. Couldn't resist taking this shot, I love all the colours. I finished Queen of Babble, will do a short review later on. 

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