1. Books - Use booko.com to compare prices. Check out those $5 book stores or borrow from the library.

2. Movies - There are survey sites that reward with movie tickets for doing their surveys e.g. survey village

3. Tickets - For plays and movies, enter competitions. I've won a few times for double passes to the theatre, and twice for movie tickets. There's also the contagious network.

4. Magazines - Enemy propaganda that wants you to buy stuff you don't need (with exceptions like the Times & Good Health). Unsubscibe. If you must, read can read the latest issue at the library.

5. Glasshouse Candles - DIY room spray, costs less than $20 (per 100ml/g), lasts longer, and there's no fire risk. All you need is a spray bottle ($3 for 3 @ the Reject shop, $10 oil from TBS, $10 rubbing alcohol). Just realized that that's not really entertainment...

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