Spendings - This and Last Week @ Friday, June 15, 2012

Warning - Picture Heavy. 16 of them...

June is the month of end of season and style/lines sales and so it's quite difficult to resist a bargain. Who can say no to a cool quirky $2 headband that used to be $20? Or good quality red 120 denier tights, with $10 off the price? All pieces you can wear many times, or if you change your mind you could always sell them in July on ebay and make a profit. ;) 

Last week, we bought...

Red tights 120d from Sussan, $7, was $17.
Ulta 3's Precious - for the Q of Hearts Project

On Tuesday we spent  a day with Emily...

We had lunch at Grill'd. Happy Meal & Blood Orange for me, Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger & Water for her.
She moved in the bg of that one ^.

On our way to lunch I got distracted and ended up buying 4 headpieces at Diva for $8.
(Top hat was bought last week.)

Individual Pictures, because I'm a photoholic :P.

Emily doesn't like this one, she reckons it's too big. :P

I reckon this one is a bit on the small side. :P

This is more like it, though I don't like veil in my face.
$4 when I bought it, a week later it was $2 - if they still have it in stock.

With so many hairpieces we shall have a day just for them.
Joining Thursday Tie will be... Headpiece Tuesdays! :)
Though we might skip the witch hats. :P

After lunch we went to South Wharf shopping center, the one next to the Hilton & Expo center. At Typo I bought two small scrabble letter canvas (A & F, part of a friend's engagement present), a pen and card for $5.50. The SA wore huge wooden-looking pebble earrings(?) in his ear lobes O.o and was very friendly.

The Card...

...in a frame
This is going up on my future picture frame wall
- as soon as I figure out where to get those 3M hooks.
(Landlord's no holes in the wall rule.)

We stopped by BnT twice, to put through an order, and then to spend gift card credit.
The SA made a mistake and so we left with $10 credit, no chance of cash refund, :(
and so we ventured off to the DFO store where I bought a wash bag and six drawer sachets.

To conclude the day we were going to the Classic Curry Company, but with 2 girls and an iphone we got lost :P and ended up having dinner at La Porchetta. BBQ Chicken pizza, Hawaiian with chicken pretty much. It was great ^^, a large thin crust for $16. My 2nd choice for pizza, after Panned Pizza. And the best part is that they make different sizes (pizza for one) and being a franchise they're everywhere.

And our last and 16th picture...

The Cheesecake Shop's Tangy Lemon Continental Cheesecake.

It's very nice, providing that you don't eat too much. We had the blueberry last time, mainly blueberry jam with a couple
frozen blueberries in the middle, it was alright. Lemon's better. Why so many cheesecakes? There was a daily deal a month ago and we bought 3... Normally $24, we got them for $12.

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