Reading Playing Cards @ Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 4, projects, tests, drowning in work at the moment. 8hrs of lectures to catch up on. Maths test on Wednesday, missed my lec today I suppose dreaming about being there doesn't count, and it appears to not have been recorded. Whispering or rather announcements of the college being bankrupt, redundancies (1/3 of the business staff) don't sound so good, but I doubt that my course will be canceled because it's the only adequate course for Events in the state.

Other than doing lots of work, I spent a night reading Style Clinic (it's very good on helping you choose the perfect e.g. suit) and found two new books: A Witch in Love (Ruth Warburton) and the latest Pretty Little Liar book, Stunning. Amazingly I'm reading witch only a couple chapters at a time, I've got the ebook, my eyes go funny after a while staring at a doc/pdf. 

With two days till the code expires I ordered my new business cards, I've designed them and had them in my cart on VistaPrint, but couldn't decided between one or two sided cards. So when this offer from ArtsCow popped up on my feed it was perfect, business cards with a twist. Printed on the back of playing cards. ;) To be left in random locations.

*click to enlarge*
I swear it wasn't that size when I print screened it.
Shipping is included in the price.

Not sure what the quality of it will be like, considering that I made the picture - but I can say that ArtsCow quality, when you print photo products is great. In the past I've ordered a mouse mat, a couple coasters and a notepad. Though perhaps a notepad that could only be written on by a silver pen or lead pencil was not the best idea I ever had. 

'Bleu Model' aka Tiffany Blue

Bourjois posted a $10 off voucher on their page last week, to be used at Priceline. Though their range is small (no primer) they do have some nice nail polish colours. $2 with the voucher, note that the smaller Pricelines, the ones with the medical sign when you check out their location list, don't stock Bourjois. One colour they offered was 'Bleu Model' which is their version of Tiffany Blue. Here's a better picture.

That post on one dress, 12 outfits is coming up soon. :) I've done 1/3 of it.

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