20 Days to go... @ Sunday, October 07, 2012

... till my first exam. This week we start freaking out about exams again, though my first one is in 21 days, we only get a week to cram, as there's still projects, tests and presentations due before then. Got a case of exam stress.

Monday Lunch - Margherita Pizza at e55
Looking forwards to trying Pumpkin & Feta next week. :)

Presentation of ChocolateTruffles
My specialty is 'Food as Gifts'.
Recipe/post coming soon.

No idea what happened on Tuesday, had a dream about the dentist, he said to come anytime after 3pm to his new place in Brunswick. In real life he transferred to the hospital so I'm still looking for a new competent dentist. The women the clinic assigned me to isn't very good, she couldn't find anything. Having major dental pains on and off, probably going to end up going to end up in the emergency ward at some point this week. Reminds me of that episode pf Sabrina 'Molar Molar', recently watched that, and I've realized that her friend Chole does a lot of voices like Susie (Rugrats) Penelope (Barbie, Rapunzel) and Mo (Horrible Histories).

Early on in the week there a was night I couldn't sleep even though I crashed on the train, realized I have no idea what I was doing (and I didn't have my stats book in front of me :P) and had either a mid-life crisis or a case of extreme pre-exam stress. A moment where Ian and Hector would have know what to say except that they aren't around anymore, so I wrote 3pgs about it instead, in glittery purple ink. ;)

Wednesday. Can be half summed up by the picture above. Same as Colorado. First day of a 6hr summer! It was melting by the time I got to class around 10am. Days like these make me inspired to do daily outfit posts, as I have a summer wardrobe (even though we live in a mainly winter word :P). But I'm not so keen on taking pictures of myself, nor will be free during daylight hours for good lighting. That and I buy my clothes all over the place, and I often see bloggers saying where they bought x or y. And you know the girls at school are being mean when they ask you where you buy your clothes. On this rare occasion I can actually tell you where I bought what I was wearing.

Dotti Longline Tie-Neck Blouse
$20 from the Expo Outlet

Event/drama of the week happened on Wednesday, and may have possibly have been sparked by what I was wearing... The top is semi-see through but I wore a camisole under it, so I really don't see what I was wearing that or so offensive. Though Ian would say the old man was targeting me for no reason other than he's got nothing better to do, that and he's just another fine example of the scum of society.

So what actually happen was I missed the bus and decided to walk to the tram stop rather than wait half an hour for the next bus. Walked past an white old man (60-ish) in grey sweats standing (loitering) on the corner smoking, opposite the tram stop. Ignored him, checked timetables, a few minutes later he comes across the street yelling at me (certain he was yelling at me, as he pointed at me) with his hand covering his mouth. He was angry, blah blah blah something about him wanting me to go stand across the street (this would be a good time to whip out that taser le beau got me, except that I didn't have it in my pocket), probably said I was a disgrace at some point too, he's still coming towards me yelling, telling me to f- off. I ask him to repeat that, not the f- off part, the bit before that. And hearing my accent he tells me to go to back to America and spits at the ground. And with that I ran all the way back to uni a couple blocks away. And that ladies and gentleman is the last time I will be wandering away from uni and attempt to take the tram. Someone did advise me earlier this year that you go to class and directly back to the station, do not stop along the way, and do not walk to the station, take the bus.

The very strange thing about the whole event other than the fact that there were random bystanders who did nothing another then edge away from me, not that I ever expect anyone to stand up for me (and that includes half of my friends) except le beau (who's super supportive sometimes overprotective). It was more of the fact that I got upset, no I didn't cry or anything. But why do I care what a random possibly drunk or crazy old man thinks or says? I next day I saw him again, outside uni, near the bus stop. He was wearing a different outfit, therefore not homeless. A guy in my class says that old man hangs around this area a lot, and he yells at the other kids too. That is definitely not reassuring, but if comes at me again I'm running to the office. 

Thursday, slept in - again and missed the sus ops lec, but made it just in time for stats. Sent in the project 3/6. Considering signing up for summer school, depending on the lecturer. If that fails I plan to spend my summer volunteering at events, the MS Gift Wrap, other annual charity Christmas events, assisting art/craft activities at the museum and taking classes at the community center. Originally I was going to get a Christmas casual position, but I got rejected from all the ones I applied for (all 16 of them). Realistically I don't think I'm capable of getting a job, I'm not bubbly, talkative, all sunshine and rainbows, and I can't stand for long.

Perfume Samples from YSL. :)
SA aren't often friendly, but the lady on Thursday at DJ Bourke St is really nice.  

Friday I had lots of errands planned, but I crashed on Thursday night with stress sick. But I did finish the final copy of the IT project, just got two sets of slides to make and the presentations. 

On Saturday le beau (who was in town for the past fortnight, due to his holidays) went to a wedding and bought me back flowers :). We met on Sunday morning for yoghurt from Cacao Green and spent the morning playing Monopoly, Boggle and some other games. His sister Lily soon arrived along with his brother and SIL, the doctor and we played another round of Monopoly, and at my insistence we played scattergories - my favourite "educational" game. As you probably guessed my camera battery died, but the yoghurt was slightly melted and wasn't picture perfect anyway.

Blogger Krissy said... on October 10, 2012 at 11:39 AM  

was that situation with the weird old man in footscray by any chance? if so, i wouldnt be surprised! creeps love footscray. dont worry about him - he doesn't know you and he was probably off his head.

i once had a guy follow me all the way from footscray station to the tram stop asking for spare change and i had to keep saying NO! god he was annoying. lol

and thats nice you got to spend some time with your man :)

Blogger Charlie said... on October 10, 2012 at 7:49 PM  

Yep that's the one.

My response to beggers is to say I only use credit cards - not a lie, as I'm not trusted to carry cash as I keep buying food :P Though that doesn't seem to work with the guy at Melb C, who haunts that place.

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