Question(s) of the Day @ Monday, October 08, 2012

1. How do you rename tabs on MS Access?
Had the access test today, it was harder than the practice test. I couldn't figure it out how to rename the tabs, I did rename them on the sidebar, but in different views it went back to the original name. Thinking it's like a url, once you set it, it's stuck.

2. Why is Austin so cute adorable?!
Emily says cute, but I prefer adorable - I think. Cute only applies to little kids, and kittens/puppies/potential pets. I slightly dislike him because of his adorability, fortunately it appears to be only be skin deep, and above the neck. XD A picture of a Tudor's execution comes to mind. It's just that I don't think any guy thinner than me (though I'm curvy, not petite like Emily) could be attractive. It's kinda freaky. My first thought when I first saw Austin, was how thin he was, the second was that he's kinda attractive. Personality wise he's got enough to fill a ladle, as it seems, though he has shown that perhaps he is fun - just not in class.

Not the right hairstyle, but that's the best img I could find.

3. My new lip balm smells like tea... But it says it's pomegranate?
Finished my stick of Burt's Bee Original Lip Balm yesterday, today I opened the one with the pink lid, pomegranate. It's not peppermint and doesn't have the cooling sensation like the original. Also it gives a slightly red tint, so apply it anywhere but on your lips and you'll look like a clown. It smells like tea, a basic black or green I can't tell, not being a tea person. Don't like this version so far, but will give it a few more days trial.  

 Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

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