Dutch Pancakes with Ruby @ Monday, October 29, 2012

Edit: I finally sent the laptop away for repairs so we were afk for more than a week. Very behind in posts, drafts were done but no pictures were uploaded. This post refers to the 2nd week of October, week starting Monday 8th Oct, aka wk11.

I knew I should have blogged about last week at the end of last week, before I forgot, but somehow that didn't happen as my laptop was sent away for repairs (right click fails, and it wasn't the mouse). So this is what happened last week, or so I recall. 


On Monday I arrived just in time for class, we had a test on access. Austin wears nice guy perfume, that or he showered right before class. The next day I blogged about that, but back to Monday. Emily joined me for IT and I was once again reminded why I'm not suppose to sit next to her and one of use always gets moved :P I had a silly spell (that mood where you find everything hilarious. After class we walked to Dominoes a few blocks away. Service for minimal, not particularly good, I prefer my local Pizza Hut.

Mini Dutch Pancakes with Emily
Over pancakes we discussed how cute adorable Austin was ;)
That can't be healthy, but he isn't going to be around much longer.


...was spent asleep is usual. Productivity 0%. Not sure if any work was done.


Was much like Tuesday, I started taking my iron supplement, which maybe was why I was so tired and crashed. Woke up at 4pm, and missed all my Wednesday classes. 

Went to see Ruby Sparks with Freud. It was good. Calvin, potentially a young Mort Rainy (Secret Window) write a story about a girl, Ruby who becomes real. At first they're in love, then she wants space, he makes her clingy, happy all the time, and then herself. He becomes a bit of a psycho after their faults start to annoy each other (post honeymoon phase), and tells her he can make her do anything he wants and proves it. She snaps at that, as Freud put it, it's like you created a robot and now you just told it that you own it, but its actually got a brain of its own - don't be surprised if it tries to kill you. Ultimately Calvin writes the ending to her story, as he lets her go. Months or perhaps a year later he meets Ruby, but this time she has no idea who he is and she's real, and not a female version of himself, a part of his imagination.


I really don't know what's wrong with me... I missed 1.5 classes on Thursday. Adding class attendance for the week at 2.5 classes / 8. Made it just in time for our sus ops presentation. We didn't have matching outfits :( but I think we did ok. At some point I freaked out, got a little case of jelly legs, though fortunately recovered. And then I read everything straight from my notes, the part that didn't go so well, especially when I forgot how to pronounce some words, something that often happens I presentations. I also stumble and fall over my words. Oh and I talked for way too long. 

In the afternoon I met with H, to do our first rehearsal for the IT presentation on ecommerce. That didn't happen. But it wasn't my fault, I was there. She was very late and hadn't finished her part. I hate group work...


Started at 2pm, last minute back-up before the laptop is sent for repairs. Therapy. Shopping, bought a few things from Kmart. They had the moisturizer on clearance sale for 5.00 (normally 12.00), bought that for Emily, also picked up a FOA Primer, which I heard good things about, (8.00, was around 11.00). And the two best things I bought... nail polish! Rimmel had 4.00 off, so I got Pompous for 4.00 and a limited ed Australis Fairy Bread for 4.75 (normally around 8.00), it was the last one and the SA wrote down the name to get one herself. :) You can find it at Priceline for 8.00, but be quick, it's limited edition.

I love the smell and texture of this scrub.

Australis Fairy Bread

I spent the afternoon hunting for mason jars. Why does no one know what they are?! Finally at the 2nd last store I went to, Target, I met an American lady who knew what they were! And she directed me to a hardware store nearby. I have yet to check them out, so far I've found 450ml ones with a gold tin lid for $2 at Kmart, and cute 150ml French Kilner jars for 1.50 at the Reject Shop.

Rainbow Cupcake from Ferguson Plarre
- Sour strap rainbow with creamy icing. -
It's a dense cupcake, I prefer soft and fluffy Little Cupcakes. ;) 


I was working at the Armageddon Expo, as a door greeter. Shifts are 1.5hrs, and as staff you get a token for a siggy/photo was a person of your choice (some people chose to have pictures taken with the Supernatural group or some of the other groups) that's worth at least $60. You can skip to the front of the line for those things, also get water and a lunch voucher. And you also get to spend the rest of the day at the expo. Going to do a separate post on the event. There was lots of great costumes. But my favourite was the Corpse Bride.

Question of the Week: If a friend (not you Emily, or Austin) has a serious case BO, that combined with my super sensitive sense of smell (a friend said it's similar to the case of the pregnant nose - but I'm not pregs or ever planning to be) makes me want to physically be sick, what should I do? Uncertain that he's aware of the issue. But since I've known him he's not one to use deodorant, and he won't respond well to my request that he showers before seeing me.

Blogger In The Night Sky said... on October 29, 2012 at 11:07 AM  

You can get Mason jars through this online store too: http://redbacktrading.com.au/index1.html
Love the nail polish, I bought a very similar one at Sportsgirl called 100s & 1000s (which you use to make Fairy Bread so I'm not sure who is ripping who off with that shade).

Blogger Charlie said... on October 29, 2012 at 9:22 PM  

Thanks :) I ended up getting them from Spotlight, 250mlx6 for $18. Will try redback next round though.

I love glitter polish, shame it's quite difficult to remove unless you use the foil method.

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