Monster Grocer on Hoxton Street @ Friday, October 26, 2012

Follow the cobblestones on a dark foggy night down an alley way, turn left at the lamp post where an bright eyed owl perches, past the Poison Apple, go to the end of the lane, where there's a wall with a raven black engraved mirror, say the magic words, turn thrice anti-clock wise, and you'll be transported into a world of horses and carriages, where ladies in glass slippers hurry off to balls to dance the night away, and where Dracula buy his fang floss.

A repost from landofnod.

Exam cram procrastination, only 6hrs of accounting recordings to go. And then it's five practice exams, open book then closed book. Three and a half days to go till the first exam, Monday 29th. Accounting. 3hrs.

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