2012 Gift Exchange - Part 2 @ Saturday, December 29, 2012


As the post was getting a bit long I've separated it into two parts. The prior was giving, this one is recieving. Like having your birthday on Christmas presents double up, and I don't mean in frequency, I mean the present you get is labelled either xmas or b'day. You don't get two. My birthday is much like that, but it's alright as I don't get Christmas presents anyway, with a generous allowance. This year le beau's family did a gift exchange with me, and someone told them it it was my birthday on Boxing Day, so they also got me birthday presents! :) It's like the family I never had, as I have no memory of ever celebrating Christmas, that and with us family and fun don't mix.

a - le beau. He gave me a French Kiss (from Lush), he picked it from the name :P rather than my method of spending an hour in stores smelling everything. The 2nd thing he got me was on my wishlist - V&R's Flowerbomb 20ml. The 3rd thing he hasn't given me yet, as he says he's ordered it but it hasn't arrived yet. As it's something big it's part of my Christmas present as well as Birthday. He's not giving an hints, other than it's not on my list and he's certain I'll absolutely love it. As le beau's got good taste, I'm sure it's something lovely.

b - Lily. Silver bird on swing necklace, which I love! It was something I took a picture of at a craft market. Somehow Lily managed to track it down. :) Being a make-up expert she has all the recommendations on the topic, and bought me her favourite make-up guide, Amazing Face. She also got me MOR's Lychee Perfume Oil, when we were at DJ's and I wasn't looking. :P And the last thing she got me was a framed picture of Felicity Wishes - my favourite faerie!

c - Helen & Adrian, got me an amazing piece of artwork from Esty. It's an ink drawing of a bunny with a bark (tree) texture. They also got me a Lush Gift Card, which I used during their sale. Adrian said the gift card was hos idea. :P For my birthday they bought me a lovely silver origami bunny! (near the top of the picture, next to the perfume, on top of the candle).s

d - Jas, got me the amazing Gardenia Glasshouse candle (on the WL) and a bottle of L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom EDT, which I really like, except for the staying power (not his fault) it's a light and fresh summer fragrance.

e - Emily, she bought everything offline, so I've got pictures and comments here.

f - Secret Santa, I love doing secret santa with the rule of no food :) (chocolates melt when posted). This year my SS got me Marc Jacob's Daisy which I love, perfect timing too, as I was going to buy it myself. She was very generous and also sent me a giftcard to Dymocks, as she couldn't find the book on my wishlist.

g - Myself. As my birthday is a shopping holiday in Australia I usually ask for cash - if you absolutely can't find something that you know I'll like. Most of the time I prefer something that required analyzing. Hence I tend to get a lot of cash for my b'day. This year by random luck I found V&R's Flowerbomb 100ml on sale, at Target for only $130. It's $160 at Sephora and here it goes for $180 at David Jones.

 Woodland Bunny Sketch from Helen & Adrian

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