Boxing Day Sales 2012 - Part 1 @ Sunday, December 30, 2012

Arriving at 7am at Chadstone it was already quite difficult to find parking, fortunately we had a VIP space reserved for us. ;) As we entered there were people who had already finished their shopping! Mostly people who were buying things for their home, like donnas, other bed things and homeware from Myer & David Jones. 

First we went to Myer, unfortunately Clinque's gift set sales were only online. That and they were sold out of the Christmas gift sets anyway. Everyone had 30% the xmas sets that they had left. Next we went to David Jones to buy A'kin's Rosehip Oil, which was the same price as their online store.

A'kin Rosehip Oil 15.00

After heading to the info desk to identify where all the stores I wanted to go to were, we were lured to L'Occitane, where they had great small gift packs on sale for less than $20. There was more on their online store, but I found out about it after the sale and missed out. *signs up for their newsletter*

I was going to stop by Jurlique, except they decided to have long lines, as they had a limit of x amount of people allows in at a time (to prevent crowds/theft I assume, and to keep their atmosphere calm). Lots of other stores, mainly the handbag/brand names also had the limit, velvet rope, and security.

- picture of lines -
I didn't take any pictures on the day, as the atmosphere was a frenzy and chaotic.

7.30am-ish. My next stop was Lush but they didn't open till 9am (get there at 8am to get a good spot in the front line). Breakfast v2. I went for a smoothie at Boost, berries no ice. As a part of their VIP Club you get a free drink on your b'day. 

The next 45 minutes or so was spent outside Lush were a small line had already formed, but I got good spot near the door. I identified the locations of the stuff I wanted, and found everything except the two soaps. We'll try again next year.

Lush gets its own post - part 2 - as I have lots of pictures, and there was drama. :P 

This year unlike the last I had company, a good thing when you need someone to hold stuff or line up for you. Eventually Emily arrived (couldn't find parking), though there was no hope at Lush for her. Fortunately I picked a gift set for her, a bit of analyzing involved. She said she doesn't have a tub and I wasn't sure if it was literally that, or that she had one but didn't use it.

Shopping with Emily's always well, interesting, as we have very different approaches. She browses and doesn't know what she wants/needs, while I plan a military operations, complete with maps and lots of pictures.

We went to those teenage clothing stores like Dotti, Forever New and Co (for her). Nothing amazing there, they're still having their pre-Christmas sales. I'm not too fond of those shops as a. they rare have my size b. it's rarely quality stuff anyway. What's with all this cheap disposable clothing nowadays? My clothes last forever, with the except of the perfect crisp white shirt, stockings or the occasional dress that pills.

Three Times Lucky

Our last stop was Lovisa, where we spent possibly an hour, mainly trying to get around and line up. I picked up some great value earring sets (5 sets for $5) and had difficulty choosing, Emily helped.

We bought this during round one. 

Emily also bought a strange looking ring (?), but I didn't get a picture of it. With the crowds the DLSR stayed at home. Later on she wanted the earrings, but I got the last one - not for me though, I don't have pierced ears, getting shot through the ears with a needle gun doesn't appeal to me.

We're having a focusing issue...
Round two, I bought a ring. Which I really like. It wasn't on sale, but it's very comfortable, coming from someone who isn't a ring person. The Indian woman in line after me wanted it, but once again I got the last/only one. :) During sales it's really not advisable to wear flip-flops. 

Emily got the last silver cuffs, which she saw the SA wearing. And as we were checking out the woman after us in line enquired about them. :P Third time lucky last. Didn't get a picture as people get annoyed with how many pictures I take to get the shot.  

Finally we went to lunch! I got a free burrito from Salsa as part of their VIP thing, picked the original with beef. It was good, but I still prefer Mad Mex - same price but with better and more fillings. For dessert I got a free small cone from Baskin Robbins. :) Their Rum & Raisin Ice Cream is lovely, even though there's only a hint of rum.   

It was quite a successful day, I got almost everything I wanted and bought presents for upcoming birthdays too (most isn't pictured here :P).

One last picture... something we spotted at Bevilles.

Cotton Candy Christmas Tree!  

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Wow.... Sounds like it was crazy busy!
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