3 Weeks till Exams... @ Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last Saturday I think it was I had a go at Poh's Melting Moments. They were alright, note that the lemon butter does make twice as much as you need though. For us the lemon was too intense. Also note that you should only fill right before serving, otherwise the cookies go soft and not so nice. 

I do like the piping. As they're super crumbly I wouldn't say they're idea for 'Food as Gifts' but better suited for parties. Like truffles they need to be consumed in moderation. - A tested theory.

Quote of the Month

Coincidentally saw Austin in the caf. on Monday on my way to a meeting. Somehow he managed to break his left hand and right index finger playing cricket, and looked like a burn victim. Ouch. How do you drive with four fingers? O.o For the first time in, well, a very long time we managed to have a normal conversation.

Don't you just love it when you think you're talking about the same thing when you're both thinking different things? XD We were both puzzled to why the other one wasn't in class. I was there, there was no one there, called the tutor. We don't have class today. Austin says he doesn't take that class.

No questions asked by Austin. Like Hector he just takes it as it is, no questions asked strangely. I was so confused as I thought we were talking about eco, but he was talking about IT. He seems to think I'm doing IT but I don't turn up to the lecs. A little analyzing says I do IT, but deep psychoanalysis says I'm just a psycho stalker. :P When really I just want to be friends, though didn't ask him out to lunch/coffee.

Monday Lunch - Tokui Sushi
My favourite sushi place.

 Tuesday Lunch - Bao Now

On Tuesday I had lunch with miss eco, she's very nice and friendly. I like her, this is coming from someone who hasn't made a friend since 2010 (I'm still working on winning Austin, as a friend). Like me she has good tastes in unnecessary lux skincare and likes L'Occitane (we both can never remember how to pronounce it either :P), Jurlique and C&E. She's very tall, especially for someone who's asian, which I think is great (I'm short) though she slightly disagrees, as guys don't like girls who are way taller than them. 

I like Bao Now, it's a place I've been to before. The buffalo & butter chicken is my favourite buns. Got the $10 box which includes three baos, a shreded veggie salad (which I didn't like) and a drink (they have soft drinks and homemade ice teas). That's the take-away box above. I also had two others buns at the place. Hardware Lane during an early afternoon is lovely, not many people about and no smokers (sorry jas).  

 I got miss eco a present, which I'm certain she'll like. :)

As I realized I'm killing off my tutors one by one, I decided not to give her food, and instead went for something more practical and not considered clutter (which is what jas thought of the Tetris Light), it's also very portable so she could take it on the plane with her when she travels home for the holidays. I couldn't figure out whether she's a rose/lavender/citrus kind of girl, as she prefers different ranges with different brands, but this flower scent is very unique, some strange exotic flower exclusive to a Meditrian Island.

Wednesday, we had a test. Scary, but I passed! Seeing Austin while getting coffee didn't help with the nerves. I think he hangs out at the caf. Saw him again later on but didn't actually get a chance to talk to him, he's one of those people who are never alone. Finally I saw him alone, but chickened out and didn't talk to him. Eventually I'll ask him to join me for coffee.  

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That Bao Now looks incredible! I'm wtmontana on VF ;) hi!

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