Peko Peko on Wells St @ Thursday, February 21, 2013

I recently, a few minutes ago actually (at the time of doing this post), discovered there's a Peko Peko in Collingwood, that's not a franchise of the one in South Melbourne, the prior being Japanese and later, Korean or Twainese. O.o

I love weekday lunches, after class, with no time limits. I also love it when they post their menu on their site, or find a picture of the menu someone has posted. I like to know what to order before I get there, rather than not knowing and having the same strange feeling with browsing in stores, which is not my thing.

Peko Peko, one of my favorite lunch spots, is just a few stops away from Flinders. Not ideal for a quick lunch break, better suited to an afternoon off, or better a lunch date, though we all say it's just lunch don't we? ;)

A busy sometimes crowded atmosphere during the lunch/dinner service, but then again we never seem to go at those times. Afternoons are quiet, just the way I like it. Being mainstream isn't my thing. It's a great place for any number of people, though not so much for functions, other than group dinners.

They have cake! But I wouldn't recommend it, as it's not their specialty. 
That and the plate looked sad and lonely in the display, not a good sign. 

Some interesting umm... art? Well Fernando finds it amusing anyway. 
I've left the link of this picture, click to enlarge - at your own risk.

Honey Chicken Peko Box 13.00

I do believe this is the first time my DSLR has been here. Everytime I say I'll try something new, though that rarely works out. I've tried the stir-fry beef box, it was meh, lacked flavours. Unlike this amazing honey chicken. While it may have been a good idea at the time I highly recommend you don't put your rice into the honey sauce (under the chicken).

As Emily & I got the same thing, we can have two picture. :P We both really like this dish, I especially love the pumpkin spring roll and wished they had a plate of that as an entree. Our only criticism is that the meat to rice ratio is unbalanced, and that there should be more rice. Though you can order extra rice for around 2.50+.

Next time I'm going to order the popcorn chicken box. Though I do highly recommend the honey chicken. No dessert, as we have tried most of the items on the dessert menu and it was just average. Better to go someone else for dessert. 

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Blogger Ling said... on February 21, 2013 at 4:04 PM  

Oh... i'm now wanting some bento box. I have to head there. :)

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