Pancakes for Dinner @ Friday, February 22, 2013

On the 13th we were going to go to the Night Market at Victoria Market, but that didn't quite work out, as I felt like real food, other than carnival-esque foods (think anything on a stand: hot chips, hot dogs, kebabs, potato swirls). And so we took a trip to the suburbs near out old college and had dinner at the Pancake Parlour. 

Lime Creamy Ice-Cream Soda 7.50
This looks radioactive to me. :P 

Swiss Mountain Malt 8.50
I love this milkshake, it's a dupe of Hudsons's one.
We may have spent too much on non-alcoholic drinks... 

Cottage Fries 13.00

Jas ordered Tabriz (20.00) which is pasta meat/sauce in crepes with a salad. My five shots of what jas ate were all blurry... one shot of the double deep fried potatoes and it was decent. We are not having a good picture week.

Fish Fillets (28.00) aka Lunchtime Barramundi with Salad (11.00)

I was going to order the same thing, but they couldn't do it w/o the pork, as it was in the mince. So I got the Barramundi with Salad instead (28.00) it was nice, though too oily. Much like the double deep fried fries. Not a recommended dish, if it's fish & chips you're after, try elsewhere.

If you look closely you can see part of the crepes. :P

Afterwards we played chess, which I haven't played since middle school back home. He made up rules... though later on Fernando said he didn't. I just don't know how to play... Pretty sure he won when we had to go (cab waiting) even though he said I won. ^^

Overall we had a good time, though if you're planning to go it's best to between 11am - 7pm. The early lunch/dinner menus and the same, though they use smaller plates XD and servings. And everything is around 11.00, well the main savory items are anyway. Other than that for a franchise the Pancake Parlour is expensive, though there isn't much out there out of the city and inner suburbs. 

The Pancake Parlour on Urbanspoon

Pancake Parlour on Urbanspoon

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