Competitioning - V'Day Edition. @ Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Sure, I have advice for people starting to write. Don't. I don't need the competition." 
- Robert B. Parker, American Crime Novelist

Competitioning. I recently discovered is possibly a hobby for many, there are forums on the topic. It is the art and dedication of spending hours on end entering competitions, over the internet, via sms and through magazines. Though I hope the day never comes when I list it as a hobby. There's much more to life then spending it competitioning, though entering the odd competition (my preference, 25WOL - words or less) doesn't take up that much time, just a few minutes now and then.

I came across a guide for 25WOL competitions, and the summary is be unique. If someone else posts the same thing as you, your chances are drastically reduced. Don't post the first couple things that come to mine. Though that doesn't apply to those who are like me, and have a very unique way of thinking. :P I'm that person who got out their compass and ruler, and measured the circumference to line the baking tin. While the rest of the class traced around the tin.

My biggest winnings, so far are:
- 90.00 Gold Class (movie) tickets/food
- 400 Sachets of Continental Soup (for the office)
- 275.00 of Bloom Cosmetics  
- 290.00 of Wardrobe Organization Things
- 255.00 of Crabtree & Evelyn

Probably should mention that once you win a big prize from business x or y, the chances of winning big with them are slim. Just like back at school, you won't be picked again, do try to let some else have a turn.

Another important thing is to read the T&C. Will the winner be selected randomly or is it relied on your way with words? Though that's not anywhere as important as location. If like me you view a lot of American sites/blogs, usually the competition is only running in the states (possibly excluding Hawaii).

This is what I won last week, it arrived on V-Day. Oh and another reason why we don't celebrate the day is because a relative died that day, even though it was decades ago and I never met her, it would still be weird. But le beau & I did exchange cards and newspaper messages. :P

For Her
Evelyn Rose Shower Gel 250ml 32.00
Evelyn Rose Body Cream 170g 48.00
Summer Hill Soap 3/100gm 28.00 
Pomegranate & ... Hand Therapy 100g 28.00 
Total - 136.00

What I love most about this set is that it consists of things I would never buy myself (with the exception of the hand cream) as I feel wrong about spending too much on body wash, something that would end up down the drain, and I love my basic Cetaphil body moisturizer, that is light and doesn't clash with my perfume. Le beau points out that I spent over 100.00 on Lush last year... Looking fowards to using the body cream in winter, as it's quite thick and not suited for summer. Everything smells delightful! Evelyn Rose is my favourite C&E scent (with the exception of the actual EDT/P).    

For Him
Sandalwood Soap 3/150gm 30.00 
West Indian Lime Shave Cream 100ml 20.00
West Indian Lime After Shave Balm 100ml 40.00  
Nomad Hair & Body Wash 225ml 28.00 
Total -118.00

I gave this to le beau possibly as an early anniversary if I can't think of something else to get him. What do you get the guy who has everything? Including anything than can and has been engraved. I'll probably make him something. It's never about money, it's about how much thought or over analyzing was involved.

It's amazing how after years you're always still learning about each other. In this case we discovered we both aren't very fond of sandalwood  He says it's alright, and I don't like the memories it evokes, of incense, and my first friend Mandy. Did you know that scent is closely linked to memories more than sounds or a particular song?

He really like the lime, though I love the smell of the tube of body wash - that's right, the smell of the tube rather than scent of the gel-ish thing inside. :P       

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