Shyun @ Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On an early Saturday evening on our way to the opera in the city we I decided I wanted to try a place on the way there rather than the city, as with the event it'll be very very crowded and scary. It was between Italian and Japanese, we let jas choose, and he picked the later.

Shyun is a small Japanese establishment in Carnegie  within walking distance of the station. Inside it's small and cramped when busy, not recomended you go during peak hours. I used to go past this road every morning and evening for years and I've never noticed it there, but I didn't fail to notice the Grill'd a few stops down. :P

It's one of those places that you wouldn't know about unless you knew it was there or went exploring. We went there around 6pm and it was getting busy, inside the tables were small and it was almost full, jas wanted to sit inside (with the air con) but I preferred outside as there was no one out there at the time - and there was air. I don't do well in small spaces, especially if there's lots of people around.

By the way I'd like to point out that they have different prices for most items for lunch/dinner. Lunch is cheaper.

Spring Rolls 6.00

Jas had these, said there was no mushroom or pork. I have no idea what's in it. Might edit this later if he feels like doing a review. 

Potato Croquette 3.00

These deep fried things come in veggie, crab (possibly that same thing crab sticks are made of) and pumpkin. I picked pumpkin. It was amazing! Highly recommended - if you like pumpkin. It came on a bed of colesaw and with a sauce that was not mayo. Possibly a mixture of buttermilk and mayo. 

Hiyashi Udon 13.00

crispy chicken, egg, seaweed and vegetable on udon noodle with Japanese cold dressing. The red thing is ginger and green blob on the left is wasabi - I think. 

Salmon Steak 14.70

grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce. The rice was a bit drier than desired. Liked the mashed potato, which was slightly chunky. Didn't like the colesaw as it was dry and there was no dressing for it. But the salmon was perfect. :) 

Overall we liked the place, and will be back to try the sushi, sashimi, bentos, which are highly recommended, especially the Teriyaki Chicken and Deluxe Bento Box. 

There was no atmosphere, so not a good place for a date - unless you get take-away for a picnic. Nor a place to chill for dinner, as the turn-around rate is fast. Eat and go, if you wanted to stay for coffee you might want to try 'The Kitchen' a few miles away, though they're a daytime cafe... Highly recommened you check out this place (Shyun and The Kitchen :P), and the prior is only a very long block from the station. If you're driving you can park behind the shops, around the right corner of the block.  

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