Amazing Éclairs @ Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last week was mainly uneventful, during the week I worked at O-Month. There was cotton candy, bike powered smoothies (1. banana, pineapple/mango, x2 AJ, 2. AJ, milk, berries, banana), sausage sizzle & burgers and lots of English candy. 

I helped with directions, showing the newbies where to buy old books, and helped out at the smoothie stall. There were bikes that powered blenders, which was pretty cool, as the fruit we used was pretty much frozen. Saw mr eco (the 1st one) who recognized me, but didn't know my name and mr pd (who's subject I failed... he was the one who introduced me as the international kid from Chicago O.o).

No pictures were taken, as they already had a photographer and I don't feel comfortable taking pictures of people. I feel like a voyeur when looking at people through the lens - except when they're in the way of my food (I'm really into food photography).

Not much else happened till Sunday, where we checked out a new place for dinner, went to the opera, had frozen yoghurt and checked out White Night, my first and last experience of being in a crowded place where most people stank and smelt like throw-up, public bathrooms and sweat.

My book from bookworld arrived, 3 days after the order was placed, and with free shipping. 10% off code: BW-IBRA83, expires 8th March. As this book seems to Australian bookdesposity (uk/us) doesn't stock it. I got it for around 25.00, which is the cheapest I've seen it, though you might want to do a price check with Target/Kmart/Big W. Amazing Face has been on my wishlist for a while, but not at the topic, and with the code it was a good op. to get it. So far I'm up to p20 and it's quite good, the skincare section. A book for beginners. I'll be sharing passages within the next month or two. Do you put the eye cream under or over your moisturize?

I remember the first time I attempted to make eclairs, I got up to the bit where we needed a piping bag, but as we don't cook we didn't have one. And that was the end of that. Plus I find when baking for one I tend to loose all the batter on the sides of the mixing bowl anyway.

Finally got a picture of le beau's card (the one I sent him), this is part of it, I haven't managed to get a decent picture of the other part yet. The pen was meant to keep the string taunt but that didn't happen...

I love getting mail. Bloom's V'Day Competition.

Moon & Stars


Blogger Cindy from UBoA said... on February 26, 2013 at 10:34 AM  

Moon & Stars is beautiful!
Not liking the sound of the smells at White Night, eep!

Blogger Me Likey a Lot said... on February 26, 2013 at 6:39 PM  

I was looking forward to White Night, but by the sounds of it, I'm glad I didn't end up going in!
Love the Bloom V-Day products!
K xx

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