W3 - Consumed. @ Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday - Consumed by Stress

Week 3. Still stuck on that globalization project. +1 to our group, group project activated. ms mob (who knows me and doesn't like me) is making me so stressed that I don't feel anything anymore. She goes on about how much work there is in the project, rather than being like everyone else who tells me i need to chill. Thank the lord she's only the sub. A discussion with a friend concludes that we both think she's a witch. :P 


...is always an interesting day. So much so that it gets its own post.

Mail :) 

Wed - Lost & Confused

Feeling lost and confused, in the same way you'd feel hungover, the next morning. Due to events of yesterday. I'm still a bit surprised that I had the nerve to do that. The stress high had the same effects as liquid courage.

Missed an important class today... while I say better later than never not everyone agrees, e.g. ms pd, who says it you're later don't both coming. I slept in by 15mins and was going to be an hour late. 

Dead tired. Too tired to do anything including watch tv. I'm going to be very sick soon, from the past 2.5 wks of being on exam stress. Still in the highly distressed mode. Going to lie down for a couple hours. So much work to do...  

Thursday - Still Lost & Confused. But Functional. 

Bought lots of easter eggs today, for me, le beau & co, and for his kids (he's a teacher). :) 10.00 for 5 packets, of minis. I love the minis, which he says is fun size. It just feels so wrong eatting bunnies, even if they are made of chocolate. We got them from 'Discount Lollies Store' (link). I prefer the Carneige one over Elsternwick (we once bought a lot of stuff and then find out there was two items missing that we were charged for).

Had coffee at 'The Kitchen', which I haven't been to for years. It's one of my favourite places to have coffee, and where le beau and I often go. The staff are always friendly and the mocha's are nice. I'll be doing another post on that.

Met up with one of my mob project partners to do our 'interview a manager' project, we interviewed mr bm. :) So glad I asked him and he said yes. Being a business management (hence the name mr bm) teacher he knew all the right answers. So the interview was very time efficient  with both me and the partner scribbling and one question per minute method (developed back when I had mr bm). He said the tiramisu I made was lovely (link) :). Oh and he said my name ^^ (I love the sound of my name) people always ask me where I'm from (which state) but no one ever asks me what my name is. What's rarely is ever hearing my name.  

Said hi to Hector, either the colour of his eyes have changed since I last saw him, that or he's wearing contacts. It's going to be hilarious if that's always been the colour of his eyes, I've just never noticed. I miss seeing him around. He's always very nice, even when busy. Asked him for advice about the coffee thing (Hector's one of those guys everyone likes, so he knows about how to get along with people) he's going with recommending I leave the poor boy alone. This was after he recovered from the shock of hearing the question - as long as he's known me I've never been seen with anyone or known to have friends. So making friends for me is a big thing.

Interestingly I have never asked Hector anything like this before, so he was a bit suprized I asked him. Hector's someone you can trust and talk to, but I've always found it difficult to talk to people. Though I am trying e.g. attempting to convince Austin to be my friend under duress. :P Oh and he says the tiramisu was great. :) Though it was a while ago, as I only visit once or twice a year. With 'World Teacher's Day' being the only official day I can visit.


Friday - Crashed

Stayed up all night working on the mob project due today. Went way over the word limit. Uploaded with 1.3hrs till closing itme.

Missed therapy, though nowadays we just do it over the phone. Was going out for lunch but cancelled as I was exhausted. Missed law, which is being recorded - but uploaded whenever the computer feels like it. New system, where the lecturer doesn't do it, it does itself.

Was inspired to start a quote book, ideas that so often comes to me late or early in the morning. Picked the book, now we're just analyzing how it's going to set it. Sections. Tabs. Topics?

I do like the mail. :)

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