Week Two - Bottles of Peanuts @ Monday, March 11, 2013


Mr mob (not the tutor) helped me with the essay :) so I feel much better now, he's very nice and great at explaining things. The tutor however has decided not to reply, that or I sent myself the email instead of him. O.o It happens.

Lunch with mob project partner. Don't worry I didn't take pictures on the day - that tends to scare people. Any guesses where we had lunch? Project Update: We made our list of Qs for the interview with mr bm later this week. Around 100 of them. :P While my project partner and I went to the same college (diff campuses) we had very different experiences, as I graduated almost a decade after him. Wearing a suit does make me look older :P No one ever gets my age right, though they still always ask me for ID.  

I never knew the ground was so textured and hot! Well I did know, it's just that I have an irrational fear of hookworm and never walk around w/o shoes. A day in flats, as in flat shoes that pretty much have no sole... worst day of the month! A visitor accidentally took my shoes. Funny thing, as he ain't my size, and his shoes are very heavy and feel completely different to mine. I never realized it, till I couldn't find my shoes and freaked out.

The day was spent in heels in the office and flats running across the streets. Every twig and pebble I felt. It felt like I was just wearing socks. I never knew wood would be so soft when I got home, compared to everything I had stepped on that day, it felt like marshmallows and I couldn't balance right... From now on my shoes live inside my wardrobe when they're not on my feet.

This week's cards. Mockingbirds & Elephants. I love this card, definitely one of my favourites that I've made. As always I like to jazz it up and add my own touch, while Ms Cards goes for simplicity and stamping I like my rhinestones and glitter, which is what I added to this card. Originally the birds (the right side is a replica of the left you can see) weren't coloured in, but the glitter made the ink run - which was a good thing. Inside it says "Life, Laugh & Love. Happy Birthday."

Our 2nd card was meh. I added the hearts, a star, rhinestones and cupcake. It feels flat to me, even though there's an elevated elephant (foam). It might be too colourful and childish to me, because of my styling. Not one of my best. The original had a series of chicks with a banner in green running across the green.


Started off late. Walk half a mile. It's fine, I have my shoes back. Missed a meeting, as I passed out a little after eight, am not pm. I don't sleep anymore, I just pass out from exhaustion or take accidental naps with Lucy. Can't sleep, must be the stress. I think I'm losing it, and see myself potentially being an alcoholic and junkie!

Made it to class and stayed awake throughout all of it. I was exhausted, but not drowsy. Saw Austin though he didn't see me. His classes finish when mine start so I'll never get that opportunity to ask him to join me for coffee. :( I'll do it at some point. :P Better to know that he really doesn't like me rather than wondering if we could have ever been friends.  

One of the girls in events recognized me O.o from IT and law. Is it disturbing that I don't tend to notice the people around me, unless there's something different about that? e.g. person who always wears sweats, or has artificial orange hair. She remembers the headpieces I wore in IT :P, and she knows my name. O.o No one but the lecturers/tutors knows my name. I'm just known as the one who's well dressed and likes big headpieces. I took more than one IT class, so she said it was the one where the tutor was little. XD That adds to his likeability/cuteness ^^, if he was super tall or half giant it wouldn't be the same.

No. 56. Beef in Wild Betel with Vermicelli 12.00  

Dinner from Sapa Hills. The manager recognizes me! Or perhaps it's my hat... We've been here a couple of times and it's where I always go when I'm in that town. Ordered one of my favourite dishes. Looks just like this dish, but the carrot has been pickled. It's lovely. Unfortunately they've recently changed their recipe and added chili with the beef, so you'll need water.



Dentist. On-going gum area pains, 3 dentists have failed to find the cause. We're up to no. 4. She recommends using sensitive tooth paste, having OJ only weekly and no sugar/acidic foods. Need to get a mouth guard she says, grinding becoming an increasing problem, though she gives no other details... I miss orange juice, which I have every morning with my medications...

King William Chocolate Banana Shake
Boost had a promo, trade a fruity friend (kumquat with a face) for a shake.    

First PD class, missed the first class though fortunately they haven't done groups yet. Not much happened, we fought over what the answers were for a practice test (me and a bossy girl with a headscarf) hope we're not in the group. Got food poisoning, even though I only ate three things today. Appetite na for the rest of the day. Still can't sleep, just passing out from the heat and exhaustion. Got an interview to do tomorrow, though we haven't got a time yet, other than "the afternoon". Will keep calling about that. 

It appears that young people can't read these days. Selling my books, posted flyers with a picture, details and contact. And yet I get Qs about the condition, edition and price. It was on the ad! And yet all they can seem to see is a picture and number. Not impressed. 


Unproductive. Had a bad day. Spent a couple hours doing make-up, waited around, 5hrs later we got passport pictures. Funny thing how I absolutely hate getting pictures taken of me, but love taking pictures. Next Thursday I might hang out at the library instead. But I did finish wk1 law notes, strangely half of them didn't look familiar, and then I found out we didn't finish the lecture last week. 


The tut was interesting, half the class didn't turn up last week. The asians attempt to hide in the back corner (note: that doesn't work unless there's people in front of you :P) while everyone else spread(ed) out. They must all be friends or something, as half the class (their group) didn't bring the work along and everyone else had to share. I'm ok with that, as long as I'm not surrounded. I like my space. Mr law's teaching style involves questions, mildly entertaining as no one including me knows the answer and we all get confused with analyzing cases. Interestingly mr law and I live within walking distance, and his kids went to the same college as me. O.o

Went for a walk.

Found these.

Grass Bunnies! The small one is 10.00. 

After class and a walk we met up with Lily for dinner at Purple Peanuts, dessert at Cacao Green, and an event at Lush. But I'm doing separate posts for peanuts and Lush. 

Dessert at Cacao Green

I had the pomegranate with NY cheesecake and lychee boba. The boba (bursting balls of lychee) were amazing as always. They're almost magical, something faeries would eat.   
Lily got the original (lemon) in a waffle cone with strawberries. Unfortunately it melted fast and before I'd snapped it she'd already licked it. We also got more pictures of the place, of toppings, as we didn't get any of those pictures last time. I've added them to my last Cacao Green post - link -. I still think it's strange that they offer cereal as a topping... I prefer fresh fruit that didn't come from china or a can.

La Porchetta - Chicken & Margherita

Saturday dinner. I try not to eat pizza, but it's the only decent place that does take-away in our area. That and I don't get to choose when we get take-away at home, cheap and fast is the motto when it comes to food here. Some people would eat cereal for dinner, but I'm not one of them. There are those who eat to live and live to eat. For me I think food is a main thing, rather than a survival thing. Comes with being American. :P

OpenID peachcordial said... on March 13, 2013 at 12:32 PM  

Ooh those grass bunnies are adorable and so perfect for Easter!

Drooling over the pizza. I think it is now lunch time!!

Blogger Charlie said... on March 13, 2013 at 8:36 PM  

I found them at Cardeaux, at Australia on Collins. :)

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