Boxed & Packaged Desserts @ Friday, June 28, 2013

OMG! Dessert's - Creme Caramel & Tiramisu 

This seems to be a new range exclusive to Safeway. I've been craving creme burlee for weeks and so I decided to get this. It was interesting... the sauce was way too sweet for my liking and custard was a bit too jelly like (gelatin) and artificial, rubbery-ish. Dislike.

On the other hand the Tiramisu was great! I liked it and would get it again. It was better than the frozen ones you get from pizza/pasta places. Though I still believe the one I made was the best. And the best thing is that you can freeze it in mini mason jars and have them as a semi-frozen dessert.

Green's Chocolate Sponge Pudding

First time I've ever made pudding. Third time I've ever had it, though the other times it was bread & butter pudding.

Not sure if it wasn't fully baked/cooking but it was gross - most of it. 
The cakey bit was nice though. Most of it was a bit like cake batter. 

The Chantilly cream tasted better. :P  

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