The Great Gatsby @ Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Story
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The Narrator - Spiderman/Peter Parker Nick Carraway

The Cast - Isn't Isla Fisher pretty? She looks like she's from the 50s to me.

Buchanan Mansion

Meet the Characters
Jordan's so tall & thin she looks twigy.
Love the white curtains, though do you think one day they'll come down?

It never occurred to me Nick & Jordan were together, 
though I thought he had a small thing for her (not literally). :P

Gatsby Mansion Castle

The Man Himself

A "kaleidoscopic circus". 

"I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house 
I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. 
People were not invited — they went there."

Daisy - Isn't her wardrobe by Prada & Tiffany amazing?

Nick's Cottage - After Gatsby Revamps It
It's so pretty, just like the afternoon tea set.

Did anyone actually eat any of the amazing cakes and macarons?

Indoor Picnic w/o Food - Perfect for Winter

Gatsby's Room & Amazing Organized Wardrobe
Did anyone else find it to look like something in a catalogue?
So impersonal...

All those parties were to get Daisy to come over to his place. 
That took a while, I wonder how much that cost him.

Lovely dress but can you actually sit in that dress?

The Buchanan's Room at the Plaza

Use of lighting makes the castle look so cold & lonely, just like Gatsby. 

I liked the movie, even though there are some major differences. For one I think it's likely that Nick has a thing for Gatsby, that or he just really really likes him - as friends. Love the fashion. Almost everything was so pretty... and I love Myrtle's hair and apartment. Who keeps calling Gatsby? Does Tom's mustache make him look evil? I think so. The 'Valley of Ashes' was pretty sad, realistically I think Myrtle could definitely marry up as she's so pretty. Didn't like Daisy (though you're not meant to) as she's as shallow as can be and goes back to Tom even after Gatsby took the blame for the accident. Though was the story a series of accidents? It was very sad the ending, though in a way right. Gatsby didn't really have anything to live for after Daisy rejected him. The party people are horrible and should have attended his funeral though. 

What did you think of the film?        

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