C&E - Evelyn Rose Body Cream 170g/48.00

This is C&E's signature scent, as well as redesigning the image of the Evelyn Rose they've also reinvented the scent. It smells amazing, similar to this one by L'Occitane. Though if you're going to all over it's overwhelming, and with daily use you won't be able to smell it soon (just like when you get used to your perfume). So use sparingly in conjunction with a unscented one like Cetaphil. While I like it very much I found it overwhelming (as I used too much). We got one like from a guy for this scent. 

Would I recommend it? No, because while it does moisturize and smell nice it rubs off no that's not my picture, looks almost like when you rub something out off a piece of paper with an eraser/rubber. Also a little does not go a long way, I used this tub up in about 2-3 months. If I was going to purchase a Rose scented cream I'd go for the L'Occitane one.

- Scent, real roses, not artificial. Great if used in proportion, think ratios with a unscented cream
- It's moisturizing

- Being a cream I found it too thick for my liking
- Overwhelming if you use it all over
- Rubs off
- Doesn't last that long
- Price 

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