Two weeks ago on a Thursday we went to a comedy show. I've never been to a comedy show before.

Pictures from their Site

The Butterfly Club has moved, from somewhere you'd have to catch a tram to, to Little Collins. I've been past their new location though always thought it was another branch, located at the end of an alley way. 

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A better location, with more room, through it's now on lots of different floors with lots stairs, rather than in a house. The deco's the same, but fortunately not as crowded. With no natural lighting, we didn't really get any pictures. 

Jas & I saw 'The Greatest Show On Earth (No Guarantees)'. It was hilarious and very much recommended  though some acts are better than others. 

Our host (team) WATSON is made up of Adam McKenzie and Tegan Higginbotham. They were both very entertaining, particularly Adam. In one act they did summaries of what the most popular shows were about, e.g. in True Blood everyone's screwing each other. 

Girls Un-Interrupter. Trashy, didn't like it. They portrayed what I think were hillbillies. Colourful language was used, including the c word, which here seems to be used like the n word. It's on that level of offense I'm told. If le beau and Hector were in the room they'd insist we leave, at least till the next act. 

Our second (I forgot the order...) act was Xavier Michelides, who performed 'Coco Pops - The Slogan' an act which has him acting as two characters, a raving possibly coffee high, sleep deprived boss. And his calm employee. Turn left and he's the boss, turn right and he's the employee. It was amazing! At that speed and passion it would be difficult to change characters (speed, tone, speech and all) that quickly. One of my favourite acts of the night. 

Randy The Puppet! I've seen this guy before and he's amazing! And no it's not just because he's purple. I saw his skit about the self-check-out at the supermarket and it was brilliant. Tonight he talked about his ex gf and airport security, when someone's phone went off. He was walking through the scanner at the time and paused and turned towards the noise. And asked whose phone it was. At first no one would admit it, and he said just because he can't see doesn't mean he doesn't know where it came from! And with that he (and the cloth table he was behind shuffled towards the edge of the stage and it was hilarious. XD  Randy ended up using that (the phone message) as a basis for his improve. Not his best act, but still great. At one point he noticed he noticed a pin in his finger and screamed when a woman in the front row took it our for him XD. Unfortunately his act/time on stage was only 10 minutes. :(

Our last act of the night was Justin Hamilton, who did a mini show, the 2nd half of the show. Jas said he liked him most. 

Set List:
“You Sir Can Sh*t In Your Hat”
Country Folk vs Inner City Living
“Are You Aboriginal?”
Today’s Tragedy is Tomorrow’s Bouncy Castl

He was very entertaining, talks of traveling shows, fake nerds (pretty girls who wear those big glasses w/o the lenses  vs real nerds (think comic book guy). XD Real nerd aren't hot and don't get laid. A funny but kinda mean anecdote was given on what a real nerd is like - comic book guy. Justin said he loves to mess with people e.g. he just got back from LA and saw the latest Superman and spoiled it was a guy at the comic book store (Minotaur) who made a fold on his book! That's almost like taking it out of the plastic - no longer mint condition! Another part of his show was on his new line “You Sir Can Sh*t In Your Hat”. 

We had a great time, and enjoyed the show. Whenever jas asks "So how'd you find out about this show?" it either means he thought it was "interesting" (read: wants a refund) and in this case thought it was great! So how did I find out about the show? Found it on my fb wall at some point this/last week, entered a competition (not 25WOL) and won a double pass. Concession tix are 20.00 - but differently worth it. I'm glad we went tonight, as it's the only night Randy was on. 

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