Good Food & Wine Show - Part 3 @ Saturday, June 22, 2013

Part 3 

We found Caramelicious! I decided to go for the salted butter (9.00) over vanilla in the end. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I'm thinking of drizzling it over butter cream on cupcakes and over ice cream. 

Salted Butter

One of the more natural stalls offered tomatoes, they had samples. 

There was a non-food stall O.O that sold candles! Not any candles, wax candles that smell like vanilla (Dusk spray) that change colours and have a timer. Being accident prone (I scorched a wall at the drs once...) it was perfect for me. Though I didn't get it because of the price 100.00-ish for 7, and the way they marketed it. "Buy it now and not only will you get this amazing blah blah blah, you'll also receive x free and we'll even throw in a y". Apparently it's normally $100 for 3. There were more flattering colours, and a flickering effect too. I like the pink and natural glow. 

This stall is always interesting, it's so different, and you can see it from far away. They sold lunch dishes, I was interested but we had a pasta class to go to.

Savour Chocolate - Sake 
- Salami&Co - Philly Choc Cream Cheese -

We got some Philadelphia samples, the biggest samples at the show. 25%-ish cheese  30% chocolate. A healthy-ish/er version of Nutell. I've been wanting to try this, as it recently came out a few months ago, though never got around to buying what to me is a chocolate spread. It's nice, but nothing I'd buy.  

After coffee with recommendations from a blogger we checked out passionfruit curd at 'Unforgetable Products' which sells things your nana would make e.g. mergines. The curd was nice, though not amazing. I may be biased as I have a jar of lemon curd in the freezer from last summer. 

Didn't get this as I don't actually like 100s & 1000s, 
however if this were sprinkles I would have bought it. 

In Celsius cakes are baked at 180 degrees by the way. ;)

Classic Chocolate

Our last stop was Movenpick, while I checked that out jas wandered off to the cheese alley. This place is deceptive! That picture on the sign is 2-3 scoops. "2nd Scoop Free" is an enticement, and essentially a lie.That's what "two" scoops looks like. They're around the size of two rounded tablespoons. I had choc mint & butterscotch, it was nice, but not worth it considering the size. Next time we should just get Sara Lee for 9.00 and share that. 

Overall we had a great time (avoiding work), jas bought heaps while I bought just what was planned. Tickets are 27.00 (student price) though I got a free double pass through a business client. :) Normal price is 33.00. Recommended  Yes, though only of you intended on buying more than two items :P. There was also wine tastings for 3.00 (for the glass) but we didn't go there. 


Did you go to the Good Food & Wine Show this year?
Favourite stall? Did you buy anything?  

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