Sunday 28th July

You're* (not my picture, not my grammar error).

We were going to go for hot chocolate, miss german and I, and then a cooking workshop. Things don't always work out though. Someone was a no show (I was there for an hour) though it wasn't that bad. The library was open and I met someone new, a friendly german backpacker waiting an hour for his friend, who did turn up in the end. He was sitting on the bench outside our building for ages and so I said hi. Unfortunately I did get his number and potentially make a friend. I have yet to meet my two german buddies.

As I haven't had chips this month (a couple from the girls in cards workshop and a very very small box half filled from kfc doesn't count) I went to 'Lord of the Fries'. Craving their amazing sauce, rather than amazing chips (from Grill'd on the same block).

It's all about the sauce. Belgium as always.

My favourite librarian said where she comes from, the Netherlands, chips are always served from all kinds of amazing sauces. Though here chicken salt is as fancy as it gets. Ketchup doesn't seem too popular. My favourite chips are from Grill'd, Lord of the Fries and McD.

Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon

Back to the library to brainstorm more ideas for our 'live performance' project, and I came up with some great ideas. Practical? Not sure. Using the art gallery (which is way more realistic to get than 45 Downstairs) we could have buskers/living statues/quartets and all that jazz. Wouldn't that be classy (living statues + string quartet/jazz)? Much better than a modern three bands at a pub idea. That's too mainstream.

We went for a walk. Isn't the lights interesting?

My photoshop abilities don't include removing the entire light thingy. :P

New shop on Swanston. It's called "So Good" and from the tram it looks like they sell bling. Everything's so sparky .. It's almost too much, overwhelming - and this is from what I've seen from a moving tram. Pictures

Malaysian home-cooking with Aunty Khoo’s. A workshop. Turns out Aunty Koo isn't a person, but the name of the team that runs the caf (eatery near unilodge, hence caf). It's good for marketing though, same concept at places called "Mama's....".

Met a Canadian girl said that protests aren't really something they're into, for the more conservative states, though they do happen. Did you know they have nothing like Cadbury's Cherry Ripe in Canada? O.O

On the way to the station.

Pretty lights. Looks better in person. They appear to float, the warm cubes.  

Salted Caramel Milk Hot Chocolate $6.30

On our way home we stopped by Max Brenner. Was going to get white hot chocolate, but they had winter specials and so we just had to get the salted caramel :P. I really like it but - you could easily make this yourself. Milk chocolate + full cream milk + Caramelicious's Salted Caramel. 

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