Malaysian Cooking with Aunty Khoo @ Monday, August 05, 2013

On a Sunday afternoon (28th July) we went to a workshop at 'Urban Garden Cafe' on Swanston (take any Melb Uni tram to stop 4). I was disappointed to find out that Aunty Khoo isn't a person, but the name of the team that runs the cafeteria styled eatery. We have yet to dine here, but I now have it on my urbanspoon wishlist. :)

Teh C Peng - Iced Tea with Evaporated Milk

Demos on how to make sambal (chilli thing, sauce?) and ‘teh c peng special’ (sweet three-layer milk tea). Made of palm sugar, tea, condensed milk and ice (optional). Here's some info on it. Tastes nothing like tea I've read.

We made onde onde – a traditional bite-sized Malaysian dessert. 

Made with sweet potato or glutinous rice flour, filled with palm sugar and...

...rolled in grated coconut. I do believe it's boiled first though.


There was a Indo Mee Goreng cook-off. I was with Miss Canada (she loves cherry ripes, they have nothing like that there) she says that most (and the Alberta) isn't really into protesting. Comments on spiders, in Canada they're small and there's small brown harmless snakes, but there spiders are like nothing here. In Queensland there's lot and a large variety!

I do love eggs sunny side up.

Joy was out head chef, she knows what she's doing, as she's made it at home and well it's like an asian making fried rice or french person making crepe really. They're pro at it. And our 3rd team member, a personal trainer I think, disappeared half the time. He was friendly and has also had the dish before, being Malaysian  Joy loves to cook and said she learnt from her mother, maid and grandmother, which is kinda cool. I learnt to cook from many cooking classes, with a specialty on 'Cake Decorating' and 'Food as Gifts' rather than everyday cooking. I'm not much of a cook, though I'm happy just to be an assistant.  

Four teams. One dish. Pretty sure it all tastes the same if you didn't overcook your noodles. We won! On presentation I think, Joy's idea to do the egg face. We each received a mini cookbook. The noodles were very hot! and I don't mean in temperature. I'd totally make it at home though - with less chili powder.  

Chicken Curry & Coconut Rice

Afterwards we had chicken curry with coconut rice, and sabal for those who could handle the heat. Everyone was very nice and a good conversationalist at the table. We had a lovely afternoon. :) Wished jas or le beau came with me though. 

Blogger ♥ Veyroniqa said... on August 5, 2013 at 7:23 PM  

"I was disappointed to find out that Aunty Khoo isn't a person" made me lol because Aunty Khoo sounds like a motherly, robust person that would've been fun to cook with. That aside, you make me miss Malaysian kuihs so much! I had no idea it was so easy to make the little green balls!


Blogger Sally Li said... on August 18, 2013 at 1:31 PM  

Strangely I was there too and took photos. how did you know about the class?

Blogger Charlie said... on August 18, 2013 at 7:20 PM  

Hi Sally, I think I found out about it through facebook.

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