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Two weeks ago on a Sunday evening, after a fun afternoon cooking Malaysian food on the way home we stopped by Max Brenner's. Since its opened we've been here two or three times, though never really wrote about it. To me Max Brenner is almost a novelty thing, their Alice in Wonderland-esque theme, cute hug mugs and 'Drink Me' milkshake milk glasses. But I feel as though it's not as special as Lindt or Koko Black, as it's a franchise.

For a Sunday evening there were a lot of people out and about, and so I didn't get too many pictures. Will be back, perhaps at a different location though.

Do these go on top of ice cream, or are they deco only?

The girl at the counter was very friend and recommended the milk hot chocolate while I analyzed. They have a winter collection (most chocolate bars/cafes have this) and she recommended the honey. But I saw the salted caramel! Le beau & I both absolutely love salted caramel, at home I have been caught with a spoonful of it. I know it's only mean to go with dessert but I love it. :P

Here's a better picture of the winter specials. 

Like other chocolate cafes they sell chocolates.
I've never bought a box from a cafe, as I save as to be something I get when I get HDs.
But le beau bought me a box from Koko when we first met, which I loved.

I wonder if they use stamps...

Have you ever been to a place where you loved the cups and wanted to purchase it? At Max Brenner you can do just that. Though they're a bit pricey, with the hug mug (top right) being $22. The thing (bottom right) is a fondue for two set. Lovely isn't it? How do you clean a metal straw?

Salted Caramel Milk Hot Chocolate $6.30

My order soon arrived. I really like it - but you could easily make this yourself. Milk chocolate + full cream milk + Caramelicious's Salted Caramel. 

Many pictures were taken. Strangely guy at the counter said no pictures. Too late. :P

Have you been to Max Brenner? What's your favourite chocolate cafe?

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