Week 2 - You're The One I Want @ Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dead tired. Missed morning classes. No reply from lecturer, email sent last week. No recording have turned up either. Group formations this week, project due in two weeks. Time to drop the subject?

The afternoon fared better. Mail arrived as I was leaving (yes it was that late) and I caught an earlier bus that planned (thinking that I was late). Shirt from the last event worked at was returned (at $7).

Mail - Bobble Hot & A Book

The pink one is pictured, but I received the black one, it's much more, well stylish IMO. :P
More picturesThe book I enjoyed (no I haven't finished it already, I already had the book), up to the third book. Just waiting for that 10% off code from BookDespositry to put in my next order. The second book is very disturbing, R rated, involves BDSM - but everyone keeps their clothes on.

Cards. My request to make cards for men came up with the theme of manliness - the tool shed / handyman and gambling were ms card's interpretation. I should be more specific and said gentleman specifically. :P Lost on the card above, not sure how to jazz it up. Suggestions?

King of Diamonds

Haven't finished this one, as I can't find my box of split pins! :(

We finished the Mermaid card from last week. :) This one's for Lily. 


Got up relatively early today, 9.15am. Shopping! Priceline Sale, 40% off skincare. Spent $100+ I wonder how much card points are worth... at Myer a $2,000 spend will get you a $20 gift card.

Tidied up my desk, got some pictures, bought double-sided tape (they only come 3mm/6mm/12mm :( too small and a bit too big. Spent a couple hours traveling here and there. And that was my day. Oh and I got some cb Qs done for hw, though we haven't finished.

Tested the Bobble Bottle today. Just walking to the station it went everywhere in my bag - that was standing up right. It's not a drink bottle, nor does it fit in the cup holder in the car. It clicks and locks (when you turn it to open) but that doesn't happen when it's closed. That's the black one, the pink one doesn't even turn.

Attempted to make my own salted caramel hot chocolate. The combo above doesn't work, that or I didn't put in enough caramel. Perhaps use white chocolate + full cream milk + salted caramel (DIY though, that jar ain't cheap).  

The "k" of the academic world: "looks good". You sent a long email, a pitch, ask for feedback and get "looks good" as a reply. :P


Swamped a strange white mascara for a Benefit sample :). Berry smoothie from Feeling Fruity - my 2nd one, it's very good! Priceline, lip balm, not on sale instores... online only? The SA gave me $1 (his, not from the till) when I asked about that O.O guess he didn't want to find the manager.

Arrived just in time for class (had to print something), one of the questions I was printing vanished... Cb is the worst class to be late for - there's only a limited number of seats. It's like they sold more tickets then they had places for. 

Mr marketing (tut) remembers our name O.o while both mr performance(s) have yet to ask anyone's names. Mr marketing feels very strongly towards toothpaste that gets foamy - he doesn't like bubbles, and gets his toothpaste imported. XD

Temp groups to discuss hw Qs, I was the only one to do the hw in our group... one had intention but not the book. And there were the three asians who made no effort to even communicate, don't think they speak English. To the girl bitching about me when I'm sitting next to her, I can hear you.

Saw mr events and met ms events (not the same one as last year, who I only saw once or twice). Discussions of the performance project, stressing. It's too hard! I'm getting stress sick, and it's only week 2. 

Marketing lec, cognitive theory, personal influences, psych stuff. Interesting stuff, personality, attitudes, motivation and something else. Mr marketing says an engagement ring should be 3 months wages, he hopes you don't make $$$. :P We like him.


You know you're late when you heard the mailman on his rounds while you're still in bed.

Mail :) I do like getting the mail. Today's parcel was from Palmer's, an innovative competition they had, to generate ideas for new products. Challenging as they've done everything - except an olive-oil (one of their ranges) leave in conditioner/treatment. 

Delayed train, missed the bus, but still made it to class on time :P. Had a mini bitch fit and panic attack. And that's basically what happened today. The girls were upset that I didn't consult them before asking mr marketing if we could potentially have the event during wk9.5 (the break). It wasn't like I said it was during that week!

So relived they're not going with my friend's idea! While I do occasionally like taking the back seat I find back there not much work gets done and then everyone's upset I didn't do enough work - true but I thought that if they wanted to do something they'd ask or point it out. 

The proposed theme is 20s Jazz. That's cool - except it's been done to death this year. Other than that I have no criticisms. Perhaps make it more Melbourne and have a 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' theme? That way we could have gangsters and the mafia. :P

While in an altered state of consciousness (this happened for my extended (1min+) attacks) I obsessively wrote my name over and over again, over three pages. Most of the time spelling it wrong. I ended up at a bar (fortunately w/o my wallet - drinking problem) and saw some nice people I know. Drew told me a story about a bad group work exp. Mr events said he likes my coat, the lace :). He's always so nice. No he wasn't at the bar, I went wandering later. 

Saw mr marketing (tut) later who said everything's fine (relatively) and that I shouldn't drop the class. Also saw the girls, who were nice about it. They overreacted and I did the same over the date thing. The reason why I prefer working with guys. We don't have silly arguments - silly when considered at a calm functional over emotional state.


Once again the mail arrived before I left.

3hrs late... It's cold outside! Initially we were going to meet for lunch at 12pm, that changed to 1.30 then 2.15. Got there at 2.45. My fault. Lunch was great anyway. :P

Fire near the library. 

Candy shopping nearby is closing. :(

We had lunch at Shyun, one of our favourite places.

Dinner & Film with le beau

I don't like the ending. It's dumb.


At some point we had Nana's Apple Pie, which I really like, though isn't anywhere as amazing as Helen's pies (she likes to makes pies, from meat/potato pies to peach pies). No idea where I got the picture from as it's been in my folder for a while.

Sara Lee's Rum & Raisin
We really like this, but I think there's better flavours.

Balfours's Caramel Slices

Caramel slices is my favourite slice. When I was in middle school I used to get them every couple weeks, cut them into miniture cubes and have a cube each day (note, that's a slice, not a baking pan size :P). I've made them once but it was too flat and failed. I'd like to try again but cooking for one/not many isn't easy. With theatre season over we don't have many people to try my experiments.

With this I like it, but it was too small and on the flat side. Note that it looks bigger (size & layers) on the box than in the box.

What's your favourite freezer dessert?  

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