Shopping & Tangy Lemon Tarts @ Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday 7th August

Slept in! Would have made it to my night class just in time if it hadn't been for two late buses. 2/6 classes missed this week. Still got a list of things to do like buy ribbons for Lucy and check out the new beauty book at DJs. 1/3 books arrived in the mail today :) Don't ever buy from your uni bookshop unless it's a custom book and new that year. Got my marketing book for $75 new delivered (from within AU) while it's $130 at the bookshop. 

Met someone new, a boy in my marketing class who knows (of?) Austin. Said he's failing IT O.O it's week 3, yes excel is challenging for those who like myself refuse to update, but you'll get through it. I did and my IT score is the highest I've ever gotten. 

Came across this bustle that's been on my wishlist for a week on ebay. :P Actually I saw on it ebay first. Love buying from ebay, this bustle's $15-ish, compared to re-sellers who are selling it for $45. Edit: I bought it for $9.50 on ebay, auction. 


Made it to both classes today and a group meeting that went well. High productivity, went shopping twice, had time for a smoothie and made cookies. Unfortunately not much work was done, other when others were there/watching. 

The day started off with baking cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip & raisin cookies. It only took 10 minutes to bake and another 10 to shape the "dough" as I made it a few days ago and its been in the fridge since. The operation girls liked them, while mr management (tut) said it was interesting. Not enough sugar imo and I'm not into oats unless it's an anzac cookie. 

Class went well, no bitch fits today. We're looking for a venue and the girls are asking friends/family if they could help out e.g. perform, take pictures. Mr managment (tut) says we need to pick a charity that isn't offend by the theme of "excess" :P so don't pick a charity that benefits the poor, especially World Vision of the Smith Family.  

The Grey Man - Living Statue

David Jones has their bi-annual(?) beauty book and tote at the moment. I got the tote last time as I would use most of the products and both bags. But didn't get it this time cause the bag that had stuff I liked, well I already have most of that stuff, and I wasn't into the square bag. Last one was great as it holds my textbooks and A4 clipboard. No pictures as there was lots of people around and my mini camera isn't that great.

With the beauty book comes many samplings. :)

The ladies at La Paririe are very friendly, they were out of 1 of the 3 samples in the morning when Emma & I were there and so they said to come back after work. The lady at Clinque (not the one with the bun, she's the manager and doesn't likes us) was also very nice and offered us the 3-step samples instead of the just the moisturizer.  At Shu Eumera instead of the deluxe sample we received the sachets as we didn't buy anything, even though the book didn't say purchase required. Emma went back later and a nicer girl was there who gave her the cleansing oil sample.

One of these is a cleanser, the other a moisturizer. I think the vial is the cleanser?

We got a chance to check out that new fake jewelry shop, So Happy, near Bourke St (x) Swanston. So much bling! Fortunately most of it is earrings and rings, things I'm not interested in. Unfortunately their headpiece range is small, with lots of bows. $5 each. Overpriced headbands start from $10, and a white lace/rhinestone one was $10 (perfect for Gatsby theme). There's a wall of delicate silver pendents. Really liked the treble cleft and note but it was $10 and I have lots of delicate real silver/white gold stuff. Couldn't leave without buying something though so I bought this...

It's a headband, but also comes as a clip. 

Will you be checking out 'So Good' anytime soon? Didn't get any pictures sorry as there were SAs everywhere and they easily blended in with the customers, except that they're holding pink velvet trays (to be used as shopping baskets and reduce theft I assume).

This came in the mail, it's for my upcoming giveaway. ;) 


A wet & windy day. Hibernation. Was meant to see my lawyer today (yes we're in trouble, it might end up in court) though that didn't happen. 

Decided what to wear to our 20s Night though. Instead of creating & designing an outfit like I usually do this time I'm going to revamp a dress I've never worn (I have a huge luggage case fully of stuff that's never been wore because I have about 50+ summer tops, and then there's stuff to be altered . It's currently a strapless white poly/organza dress with puffy and lace. We're going to add a lace neck-area and sleeves. There's no sequins or beads and glitter but there will be a fur wrap and white headpiece. 

I've decided that I shall have a headpiece for the wedding too, it shall be big and fancy. Not sure what colour dress I want, just not white.


A day with le beau. We did some work, I drafted a plan for an essay (one of two) due early next week. I made toasted sandwiches for lunch, we had lemon tart, and planned to make lemon meringue next weekend. 

Next time we're also going to make a list of date ideas. Perhaps using an A-Z address book.

 Sat night was spent watching Chicago for some outfit/party inspiration with buttered popcorn.


Pineapple & Chicken Sushi

Finished last week's marketing questions. Got another set to do and two essays.     

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