Sunday in the City - Home Show @ Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday 18th

Today we had to go to city to return overdue books, and so we were going to lunch but Jas canceled (with a legit reason, unlike that time when he lost track of him on his game console . Wanted to go to Phat Brats but with limited time (3pm oven desserts cooking demo) we went to Snag Stand. The staff was very friendly. :)

Greek 10.00

We had the Greek Hotdog. lamb, rosemary & oregano. Served on a poppy-seed roll with tomato, onion and olive salsa, feta and mayoilve. I like it. :) Recommended? Yes. Though I'd also get chips :P, but as I already had chips this month I resisted temptation.

Walking down Swanston I love seeing all the arty crafty people and performers. There's always the overpriced balloon guy, guy with the globe/crystal ball act and artists. And then there's these cool spray painted records. 

There's a guy in Bourke (x) Swanston who does these cool wire art things. Photo holders and name necklaces $10. He might be able to do a custom signature one too. It's a great gift idea.

Photo Holders

Keyrings & Photo Holders

Bugs & Bikes

Name Necklaces 10.00

Went to the Herald Sun's Home Show.

I'd love a kitchen like this perhaps.

Mother bought a strange plate, which turns out to be a 
ceramic grating plate (using the bumps on it). 

Loving novelty items. :P

And fireplaces.

There was hand embroider pieces of art being sold.

More cool fireplaces, this one was open - no glass either side.

Pretty light...

3D Art. I'd love that autumn piece as a gift. ;)

More art. Melbourne in Winter.

Entered a competition to win a gate.

Flower wall.

The show was boring, not my thing really. There was a cooking demo, that was cool, there were samples to be shared between too. Le beau and I don't look right together, if you saw us you'd never think we were together (his sister is often mistaken as his girl). So I was with the woman on my left instead of him in the pairing. We sampled both dishes, though as I gave her child the pasta/salad I got most of the ice cream. :P 

Pasta Bake & Caesar Salad. Egg was poached in the oven!

Baked ice cream (slightly below average brand, not blue ribbon) in puff pastry with a slice of store bought jam swiss roll. Should have gotten a picture of the inside but didn't.... 

On the way to the station I walked past Krispy Kreme, though resisted temptation. 

Back home I had a slice of the most amazing carrot cake instead, by Aunt Sara. :P

Have you been to the Home Show, or had Sara Lee Freezer Cakes?

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