The Law of No Snacks @ Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wet windy afternoon. Missed a class, which later I missed part of it again (mr marketing said it started later than it actually did). Got to my next class early this week :) and met someone new. Though it was in the repeat class. I don't like big classes. Guy on my left is a chef, very impressive, he potentially looks like one too (rule: never trust a skinny cook). He can take care of 16 stoves at the same time, while not tripping or falling over the other people in the kitchen "kitchen ballet" he calls it. Specializing in french cuisine he understands the law of no snacks, and hasn't eaten since 2pm and yet was still awake/not in a bad mood (it was 8pm when we were chatting). He explains that the big white dishes contrast against the food and that you're to taste it and not eat it. 

Why are macaroons so expensive? Buying ingredients e.g. almond meal, it's cheap. It's about the technique, the bit where you bang the tray on the bench to get rid of air bubbles. Too hard and you're screwed, too gently and that doesn't work either. Success rate is 80%, 1/5 times a professional chef will fail. Both he and I have never managed to make macrons successfully.

A note on flavour desserts, with custard/puddings, the chef recommends flavouring (milk on stove) the milk with a stick of cinnamon.

And that's what happened during our weekly group discussion of homework questions (which most of the class doesn't do). Though afterwards we have a class discussion which is good. Today we learnt a new acronym in class MAMIL, 'Middle aged men in Lycra' (it's like spandex, worn by cyclists). 

Mr marketing (tut) said something similar to what father says. Which is never a good thing, as I could write a book called "Discouraging sh*t my father says". Though mr m meant it as a joke. His explanation for baby boom in the 60s was that tv sucked (b/w, probably got one channel) and so the only entertainment was provided by the wives. Father says that but applies it to why poor people have so many kids. Hector disagrees  he says it's cause they don't often live pass infancy and most will die anyway (before they get to adulthood). 


Not much happened today. Slept in, a dream about a beach front house. Hugs with le beau. A dream I didn't want to wake up from.

Filled in some forms. Paid for a foodie excursion next week. Questioning how hygienic it is. Late to class, didn't miss much. Still working on the venue for the 20s party project.

Ticketing Systems

Draft of Potentially the Flyer
Yes the top & bottom are different colours.
No that won't be so on the finial.

Fortunately I never buy from vending machines.

Failed to bring dinner... had McD, felt sick afterwards. Great service though. :) At Boukre St underground Apple Pies are $1 and there's four small meals you can get for $5. Haven't had McD probably since last year?

Made a booking for fathers day. Another no service good food place. :( Though I chose the place it was for him, not me and therefore I don't pick places that I'd go to. Last time that happened it was my birthday and he complied throughout the entire meal (eaten in silence) how much it cost and how the place didn't have anything he liked. He's still not invited to our wedding. 


Saw the Notebook. I like the costumes. It was a sad story though, Noah's dedication to Allie is amazing. Not sure how they died though... Personally I would have picked Lon (27 Dresses, Hairspray, Enchanted). Sad that Finn was killed off as he wasn't a main character, he was nice. 

Tim Tam - Orange 
Very orangey as expected. I like it but wouldn't purchase it again, though Jaffa lovers would love it. As for me I prefer the Mint, and Rum & Raisin. 

Not my picture.

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