More outfit inspiration for the 20s Night. While 'All that Jazz' is going on in Chicago & Long Island we have the more elegant English style at Downton. Though technically season 1-2 are before 1920. I love Mary's outfits the most, not my style though.

I do like top hats and veils :P I'd like to add some white feathers though, 
on a clip so it's removable. Also white satin flowers on clips.

If only we had all these hats today. Love that locket.

I like this hat even more. Crimson's lovely.

A lovely spring outfit. 

That's a lot of beading. I read this outfit was so delicate (read $$$ to dry clean 
it was only worn once. That or it was only used once on the show, to be passed 
around to other shows.

Love this necklace, though it doesn't suit the era. More of a Victorian thing.
Readily available on ebay around $15 shipped. I have one. ^^

My favourite Downton dress. I'd love to wear this to our 20s night.
There will be a best dressed couple/girl competition, I insist.

A big & better picture. I love gloves. They're cheap too.

Wedding headpiece, or something for a night out for Daisy.

20s Hair. Ordered a wig, but I don't think I can use heat on it...

That hair is amazing! Shame we can't say the same about the dress. 

text There weren't any good pictures of her hair, so here's a sketch.

A Guide to Season 3
*click to enlarge*

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