Proof there was people at the event. :P

The Venue

The 3rd room/area was curtained off...

... where we had a photo area.

Flash featured a lot. - Not my idea.
Yes we do find these chairs fascinating. :P

The party ended/died at 10.30pm after the raffle winners were announced.

All packed up. Wished le beau was here to dance with me.

I got to bring home the balloons for Lucy.:)

YOLO was quite popular, so was drawings of p.... 

Downstairs. Isn't it lovely?

I do like chandeliers. 

Ordered an iced hot chocolate, the guy at the bar had never made one before but gave it a shot. It was nice, I like it, I also believe it was low fat, as it was made with chocolate powder, milk and no cream of any sort. However he did give me two scoops of chocolate ice cream. Yay! And it was on the house (that's never happened before) as they had already closed the till.

We got the venue w/o charge, though had to spend $1,000 on the bar.

Have you ever planned an event and hired a venue, or attended a Gatsby cocktail? 

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