Great Gatsby 20s Jazz Cocktail Party - Part 1 @ Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tonight we had the Gatsby Cocktail Party. In one word is was loud! Very much so. But fortunately I had my ear plugs therefore it wasn't so bad. Lots of people came, one of the girls had lots of friends and another bought her church friends and a band. I think she was one of the best dressed. :)

We raised over our goal, and one of the girls along sold like 20 tickets! I sold none, and no one I knew came, other than mr perf who was marking the project. I donated a bunch of cool conversation heart badges, gave mrs perf one, which coincidentally said "Bad Boy" XD. 

Sarah created a lovely candy buffet! It was pretty with flowers, birdcages and candles  There was Ferrero Rocher, vanilla wafers, melting moments, marshmallows and a few other things. She does buffets and events, GYP EventsGypsophila, otherwise known as Baby's Breath or simply 'Gyp' in the floristry trade is her favourite flower.

There was also mini cupcakes! Sponsored by Little Cupcakes (which I pronounce as "lil'" so it's a bit hard to understand. Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. It was perfect - as always. :) Not dry nor too moist.

All attendees received a $20 voucher from Simone Perele. What's the catch? Min $30, and you can't it on sale items, accessories, hosiery  gift cards - anything that isn't a bra/panties set pretty much. Also you can only use it at their Waterfront City DFO location.

We also had some other sponsors including Simone Perele again ($600 of vouchers), Pancake Parlour, Hannakin, MOR and some others. With the sponsored stuff we created 5 gift sets for the raffle. I bought 10 tickets but didn't win - but that is ok, my area of specialization isn't raffles. I was most fascinated in what I'm pretty sure is called a bell jar (think Beauty & The Beast, Rose Jar). 

Things from Sponsors  

I helped with front of house, selling tickets, and taking pictures for the sponsors. The bar staff guys were very nice, though have never heard of verjuice before, that's ok, it's not drunk that often. Mocktails downstairs. 

The band that played was great, and so was Caterina Vitt who umm... took her top off (she was wearing tassels) and kinda did things I don't do in the bedroom. Pretty amazing what she can do with those tassels though.

Blogger Greta Gale said... on September 26, 2013 at 8:02 PM  

Gorgeous photos! I recently went to a great gatsby themed party too, it's always such a fun theme to dress too!

xx greta

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