W9 - Tea, Cupcakes and a Cocktail Party @ Tuesday, September 24, 2013

16th Monday Sept

Epic fail of a day. Didn't get out of bed, exhausted  Missed all my classes today. Applied for a bunch of xmas jobs, got rejected by Adairs (sheets I think) and got an interview for Sussans (again) :).

Alice & Apple is having a 50% off sale, she makes handmade sometimes polymer clay things. 

We have another sponsor! MOR. Bath & body products. 
Black Current Iris range. I love their styling. 


Productivity!-ish. Bought candy hearts for a project (I swear nail polish is toxic - I don't feel so good after an evening of painting) and tea for my pen pal, and made it to the conference/expo work thing on time.

I've never seen the owl/bird from this angle. It looks huge! 

Le panele was boring, I accidentally took a nap... Interpretations of business clothing was interpreted by one boy differently to the rest of us: backwards baseball cap, low hipster jeans. And he ate McD during the presentations. 

In A Rush - 833 Collins St, Docklands

Coffee break! It was good, but still not my favourite (The Kitchen, Elsternwick). They had a special offer, buy coffee and you can get a muffin for $1. It was nice but nothing amazing. 

The other two speakers were more interesting, notes were taken on networking and selling yourself (elevator pitch, 4 step). 

Have anyone ever turned up to the wrong class and been too eek-ed out to get up and leave? I had no idea what an acronym stood for and went to a table discussion for gays/lesbians/transgenders/transsexuals... Everyone was nice awks that I wasn't one of them and didn't really understand. But in a way I do, I have been to places were people who are different are picked on. But that doesn't happen anymore, everyone minds their own business. - Except in girl world, where I don't go unless I have to. 

After class we went to another tea shop, and stopped by Myer. 
I think I might like iced tea, Citrus Punch.

Love cupcake shop window displays.
Lily loves this one, and I have the mold/frame for it. 

Worked on sponsor items for the party on Thursday.


Train delayed due to traffic signal issues. Replace by bus. Other than that nothing eventful happened. Though I did invite mr cb tut to our event... and he said he might come, the only thing he was iffy about was how far it was.

I discovered that salads aren't filling. First time I ever ordered a salad.
But I will try Norish Salads, that place looks good. I prefer subs at Subway. 


Pirate Day! Dress up as a pirate for a dozen free donuts from Krispy Kreme & a free Boost Juice. Kmart offline didn't have any pirate costumes. :( But that is ok, because if you say a pirate speak line you also get a doughnut - and really I was only going to eat one. But I did see other people who bought their kids and got up to 6 dozen! Though I would have done it :P but I'd bring it to work and share. 

"Ahoy me harties, I be here to claim me booty." I was the first person to say something original at KK. :P There was a business man (in a suit) who had pirate accessories XD his kids probably asked him too do it. That's nice, my father would never do anything like that. 

Quick dinner before the event. One of my favourite take-away places in the city. 
Saw a boy in a french maid outfit on the tram...

Gatsby Nails with White Silver Ribbon Feature

The cocktail party went well, there was people! And the staff was lovely.
I also discovered a party, cocktail in particular means chatting 
with people with a drink in hand. Best not to go unless you know 
someone or are going to one to get a date.

A sponsor donated a bell jar. 


Failed to get post ebay stuff and get a Boost. Won tickets to two events! A Fringe Festival cabaret show and to the Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show!   

It's le beau's birthday tomorrow! And we have holidays, well actually he & Lily do while I have 5 days to cram all those missed Monday lectures and a couple projects.

I really like/love these two relatively new products.

Found a picture of the lemon curd pancakes.
It's to $$$ for a dessert though at $18! 


Le beau's birthday! Not a milestone though. We went out for brunch at a place on his wishlist, had cake and ice cream from Movenpick, and then went out for dinner with his brother and sisters.

What I got him: Cashmere socks, a journal and cufflinks.

Adrian got him this interesting tie and some other things.
I'm told it's from How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), he loves Barney.
From Red Balloon Adrian bought a Spa Package for the two of them XD.

Le beau was pretty interested in the "Duck Demystified Cooking Class" which we'll purchase as a group experience for the five of us. Along with a dinner with Simon's Peking Duck in Box Hill. We (Lily & I) already had a experience planned for him on Sunday - and no it's not a threesome to the one who asked, Lily is his sister.

Ice Cream with Sparklers!

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