This is the last post on the South Melbourne Market Series :P. 

The Super Cool (Emporium) 

The most amazing shop at the market was this one, it's like Typo but with less stationary and more home deco stuff and perhaps a little less of a hipster vibe. An interior designer's dream.

I saw things I have only seen online (I follow a bunch of interior design, party/wedding/event blogs) like the very creative hot air balloon that would be perfect for your little boy who wants to be a pilot, or an "Up in the Sky" themed party.

Beer Mugs

Tea Pots

Things for Kids

Cute Bottles of Seeds $4
Thingy on the Right

Great as a wedding favour if you're into a casual /green/nature themed wedding. Forgot to take a picture of this, so this is an extreme zoom. The bottle was less than an inch tall, amber glass, and had a cute tag saying what the seeds would grow into. 

Love the library area, and how they've set up the store. That's not wallpaper, it's actually a book. Typo (Liz St) also has "wallpaper" made of book pages, but I don't think it has the same effect as this wall.

Typo also sells books of lists. 

There were throw pillows, vases (there's a discount of you buy bulk) for wedding table flowers, cool cards, glassware and even a wedding area! And there were mason jars (a very American thing) with the lids that are design for drinks, like pink lemonade at a picnic. Candles in science glassware, Helen would love this, she into science. Alchemy Wax Produx.

Wedding Stuff!

Mason jars for drinks with paper straws.

I've always wanted all that cool glassware for candy buffets.

Cool Cards. Yes that is slightly censored in the right place. :P

Throw Pillows

Lily would love the stripey blue/yellows ones, and I see art deco ones!

The girl behind the counter was very friendly and helpful, she's studying interior designing (we're looking for presents for le beau). Unfortunately there isn't much that's design for guys who aren't into collecting pretty things - but there's so many things that would make lovely gifts for my sisters in law. We shall be back closer to their birthdays. :P 

By the way I found an interview with Mr & Mrs Super Cool. Locations may be difficult to get to but they have an online store! Postage while not free is still at a great price, $5 flat. However they have more stuff in stores therefore if you happen to be in South Melbourne (on a market day) or Doncaster I'd highly recommend you check out this store if you like Typo.

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