South Melbourne Market - Part 4 @ Saturday, September 21, 2013

South Melbourne Market - Part 4

All the pictures from the trip were taking during the tour (only a few) and mainly afterwards when I went back. Wouldn't it be fun to have only bloggers on a tour? :P 


Exploring on my own. Janet said Lush sold Dipping Dots, but by the time I got there I had forgotten what was after and bought a cupcake instead. 

Lush Cupcakes -  Wickedly Delicious

Picture of the month! $3 cupcakes or 4 for $10 - End of the day deals. A bit on the dry side. They have dipping dots! Same price as at festivals. $3.50 small, $4.50 regular, $6 large. In terms of cupcakes I still like Little Cupcakes & Cupcake Central the most.

Minions are very popular.

Lush also had $2 chocolates.

And Melting Moments. Sara Lee does the best ones.

We inquired about the fake cakes, outside is real fondant, inside is foam. I saw a Tiffany gift box cake. I've always wanted to have a Tiffany party. Lily said she wants her wedding colours to be lavender-ish and Tiffany blue, that sound amazing. I love it, but it's not for me.

Pizza - 2 Slices for $5
I only eat thin crust $$/$$$ pizza and so we just took a picture of this. 

Lots of pictures of fruit.

Corn, I wanted to buy corn but each shop had it and 
they all claimed to be sweet so I didn't know what to buy. 

Eat More Fruit Shop

Pizza Base

Free from preservatives, made within 72hrs I assume. Unfortunately I didn't feel like buying pizza ingredients for topping so we gave this a miss. But we shall be back. I'm very keen on making pizza that involves more than just ordering it.  

Store 6 - Pretty Cupcakes ($2.50) & Bar Cakes ($7.00)

They do $7 lunches 11.30-2pm, limited stock though. 
But not like promos where they have two in stock.

That lolly candy bar is really cool, I like looking at it but wouldn't actually eat it. 

Bargain of the day was a big box (two punnet sized) of strawberries from Shop 45, for $1.00. It was on a high shelf so I could only pick from the front row, that are being outdoors there was glare, hence no picture. 

We had a fun afternoon and discovered many new things, 
and were slightly overwhelmed by the amount of information. 

Have you ever been to a market? 

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