South Melbourne Market Tour - Part 3 @ Friday, September 20, 2013

South Melbourne Market Tour - Part 3

I don't have much to say on the fish monger and butchery section, as it's not really something I'm interested in. Looks all the same to me, though I think I can tell if it's fresh or not. The good news is that the area don't smell that bad (compared to Springvale). Here are recommendations from Janet:

SMS - Australian fish. Won an award. 

Jim's - They have aprons that match the logo! I think they also had sailor-ish hats, can't remember. Jim was not having a good day, a blue day, and didn't say much. The salmon here is good is what we were told.

South Melb Meats - Pork & all things that come from pigs. The owner loves Pavarotti (Italian operatic tenor) and sings, though he wasn't there when we were. 

Mama Tran Dumpling

This place sells dumplings, I assume they have hot ones you can eat there, as they also sell packs in the fridge. Janet tells us Mrs Tran is a person (unlike Aunty Khoo :P) and makes dumplings herself with a team of helpers. As well as selling dumplings of the yum cha variety they also have BBQ Pork Buns, shame they didn't have any chicken ones. We'll definitely check out this place next time. 

Aptus Seafood - They have an oyster bar, $1 oysters, $2 for XL (size). I'm not into rare fish or swallowing though. :P There's Bruny Island (TAS) and Coffin Bay (SA) Oysters. Why is Coffin bay called so? O.o 

Padre Coffee - Janet recommends this place for coffee. A fun date idea would be to go exploring the market, have lunch and tea, and buy ingredients to cook dinner together. :) 

They sell different types of olive oil e.g. lemon infused. 
Vinegars and verjuice! I'd like to drink it by the glass. 

VERJUS (ver-: green, -jus: juice) the unfermented juice from unripened (green) wine grapes. Non-alcoholic, tasting slightly sharp and sweet, ... mix with mineral water for a wonderfully refreshing summer drink! By the way Maggie Beer's one is cheaper. On drinks I also love her Sparkling Ruby Cabernet

Emerald Deli

Cakes, Jewish cake that I can't remember the name of, patisseries  pies, more cake, and cheese is what this deli sells. Along with mini melting moments and the usual array of deli meats. They have a cheese room but we didn't check that out, not enough room to breathe I there I suppose. 

Rita's Coffee & Nuts

Rita's is a family owned & operated business and has been here for ages much like most of the other shops. We sampled the Tasmanian Walnut here which were great, no bitter after taste. $7.50 for 250g / $30 per kilo.

We also tried Vicki's Organic Sensation, which to me is a trail mix minus the oats. Almonds, pumpkin seeds but green, dark chocolate and cranberries were in it. $30 kg.

Novelty Bird Cages 

SO:ME Space

This space is for pop-up style stalls featuring new and upcoming designers. Something you'd find at craft markets. There was a hexagon+ sided lampshade with men's shirt's collars in each side.  

Capelette - Zarifa's Collection 

At there market there were lots of clothing shops (which I suspect sells cheaply made china crap, questionable quality, no exchange/refund policy) nothing caught my eye, except this. It's a capelette, that would be amazing for the Gatsby party, but it's a delicate thing that would end up in my costume wardrobe and we wouldn't wear it much. Though if it had been $10 I would have definitely have bought it. The woman behind the counter had amazing hair, but wasn't friendly, she was playing with her phone and it seems I had interrupted her.   

UK & USA candy & drinks. Prices I'm told are good (though not as good as when Aldi has a special sale on US candy :P). Spotted Dog Fudge is $6.50 by the way. They have mexican coke in a bottle! Austin would have liked that. They also have those sour straps I see at a lot of expos.

The tour was good, would I recommend it? Yes. Though I'm not 100% that our tour guide isn't biased. Working in the business sector I know how it all works. Networking etc. But still I do think she's very good and knows her stuff. 

Gourmet Market Tours run every third Saturday of the month 10am – midday
Costs $30 includes food tastings, ingredients for a mystery recipe and a Market (tote) bag

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