MSFW - The Hub & Market Runway @ Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wednesday - Part 1

The mail man woke me up today, just in time for class. Two packages arrived before I left, one is HUGE brown box, containing a smaller container and then two average sized cleanser/cream. I love entertaining and winning competitions. :)

Barbie is 11.5 inches tall, the products were average size.

Not many people read the journal for hw so we read that in class and then talked about it, finishing 20mins early. What would have happened if everyone had done the hw? Filled out some forms - I have officially taken le beau's name, now just to change it everywhere. 

MSFW Hub. Licorice dresses at Darrell Lea (Safeway exclusive). Polaroids. Mecca nails. 

We didn't see a sign that said not to touch it. :P 

While I don't like this I still think it looks interesting. 

That's very cool, it would look interesting over a plain bk/w ballet dress.

Mecca Maxima - Feature Nail Bar
Bags have a pink glitter nail file in them.

I heard coffee came with a limited ed. cup.
A cardboard limited ed. cup? O.o

There was a runway show, you can buy seats - which are free and come with a showbag. What's the catch? You need to special code to get it. I hate it when things are exclusive and I'm not invited! Anyone know what the code might be? Edit: "Seats are normally reserved for VIP guest of either MSFW or the presenting designer/brand, or else for accredited media." - MSFW

That evening we went to "Southside Market Presents: ^THE ONLY WAY IS UP^" a fashion show and market (like the Nth Melb Craft Market or Market Stall). First 100 got showbags, a bundle of discounts on the night and a few freebies. A chocolate, earrings and brooch. Competition winners don't get a free drink unlike paying customers. We (Emma, Lily & I) got there early, while they were setting up but I left before the show started. Lily & Emma said they enjoyed the event and bought a couple handmade items.  

It was in Flagstaff Gardens. No taxi access. 
You won't be able to get a actual number address for they to meet you. 

Cool handmade felt brooches - Hannakin.

Pom Pom Poppy 

My favourite pieces.

The Venue

Show Bags - Minus lots of brochures/flters

Resin Brooch & Earrings

Amazing Styling - Moby Duck

I collect creative business cards and this one is amazing. 
It's economical, very creative and cool.
I have my cards printed on playing cards. :P

Jas was late meeting me. Not cool. We waited at a tram stop when the tram had stopped running (last one 6.14) for the night, for some time. Walked a lot (Flagstaff to Melb Central) and then took a cab to the next event.

Have you ever been to a fashion show?
Do you like art & craft markets? 

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