Falling for Ballet @ Monday, September 09, 2013

2nd Monday Sept

We have a project due next week and we're all a bit lost. Some are doing parts they've never done before and others (me) are a bit lost with the concept. I still don't quite understand what a mosh pit is (other than something that sounds like it's associated with Gladiators).

The one day where I decide to microwave my lunch which didn't end up being eaten  I saw Austin and lost my appetite, no reaction from him other than a frown. He was wearing an ugly shade of mid-blue shirt. Cue panic attack. Though this time it was different, instead of a racing heart I felt as though my heart was free falling (I do believe it slowed down) and then it sped up and there was hyperventilation,  the dizziness and all that ordeal. 10 hours later I still feel a bit off and quite weak physically.

If I was to dream of free falling in a dream it seems to "indicates a lack of control, ... in your waking life. You may be experiencing some major struggle and/or overwhelming problem. It may also imply that you have failed to achieve a goal that you have set forth for yourself." But I was awake, so perhaps the lack of control is a major issue. Perhaps all those decades of repression has caught up with me. O.O Freud says "dreams of falling indicate that you are contemplating giving in to a sexual urge or impulse. You are lacking indiscretion." I'm certain that's not the case, as I have almost no intention of ever speaking to Austin ever again. He triggers the panic attacks, and he's just a part of my imagination. He's not real!  

Still made it to my next class on time. Early actually, stopped by the library for some psych books and ended up with something about raising your kids to be positive, and a book on astrology.

Made a milk carton filled with peanuts.

Random mini card.  

Priceline. 3 for 2 Offers. What's the difference between the silver card and sister's club? Nothing she said, other than back then getting membership was free and you get your name on the card. New pink cards don't have a name and costs $20 to join though you get a few "free" products.

ebay Picture 

Mail! A brown box, what could it be? It's my hair comb for the Jazz night. :) It's pretty and only $3 from ebay, if you bought it here I'd imagine they'd have in the bridal section and charge $20+ for it. 

It's not rhinestones, but indentations that sparkle, which is better as they wouldn't fall off. To keep it in your hair you need to stick it into a bun or have a couple bobble pins under it (in your hair) use them as a shelf. 


Theme - Rockabilly  B/w polka skirt with a red/bk lace corset style top. All we're missing is a big flower. A lady on the bus said she liked my outfit :) she told me about chicstar.com which was the style I was wearing. They have nice dresses at great prices (for what it is). 

Briefing about the Friday expo. Suit up people. Heels, stockings (bare legs are a no no), and no headpieces! :( Why isn't business creative?

Was going to see mr IT, debated about it and then he left before I saw him. I shouldn't be here on Tuesdays, feeling a bit sick like my stomach is in my throat, heart palpitations  Saw miss events, mr events (in sky blue) and mr law (in his signature light blue shirt - it's what he looks best in) - he does tax on Tuesdays. :P Blue's popular today.

Took a stroll, it was further than I thought. Scored a "Limited Edition Lorna Jane - Move Nourish Believe Bracelet" which seems something of a cult. Nice to look at, but not my style. My SIL loves pink though so I'll give it to her. :) For those who missed out Lovisa has them, in different colours too. 

Went to the library, drafted the REB venue stuff a bit more. Round of Qs to be sent tomorrow. 

Failed to bring enough food and went to Coneheads. I've been past that place 100s of times but never been there, today we discover why. Service was great from not Gary, but a friendly upbeat asian guy who works till 1am (I was there at 7.30pm).

Part of the Menu 

For $12 fish & chips you get 3 small pieces of fish, a pot of tartar sauce, a wedge of lemon and lots of chips. Served in a cone! I like the concept. Chips were like kfc but crispy, nice. Recommended?  Nope, over priced and a bit too salty and oily. For chips I still love Lord of the Fries (for their sauces) and Grill'd (for their chips). 

Mail! Email actually. I entered a competition a couple times (didn't think I'd win with one entry) and won all three times! So I have 6 tickets to a runway show. I really want to go but... I have also won tickets to 'Sleeping Beauty' the ballet on screen. I LOVE Sleeping Beauty! I'm a dominating scary person, but deep down I want a prince to save find me. Luckily I  have found him (and not online), my beau. The show has showbags! So we're going to the start of the show for goodies & drinks and then taxi-ing it to the cinema, as that starts 45 minutes after the show. 

Which event would you go to? Showbag vs Ballet.    

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