Pre-paid 11 Months in Advance - High Tea @ Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sunday 1st September

1st Day of Spring. It feels strange that it's not cold. In the lip balm in the bathroom is very soft and the Tim Tam in the pantry are almost melting. 

We bought tickets for 'The High Tea Party', yes that's the event where I had the worst work experience ever. Not sure if we should go, but it is at a different location. Discussions with le beau, he says just because someone treats you like trash you're beneath them doesn't mean you have to accept it (which I clearly didn't, as I quit). Though I still feel a bit weird about it as it's like working as a housekeeper at a hotel and then staying there isn't it? But it is a different location next year, the old Hilton.

From the point of view of a guest it's a cool event. For $65 (Code "EARLYBIRD") high tea (averages around $50 pp anyway) though it's rushed as you have a time limit of an hour. If you went to any other place it would be longer than that. There's a bunch of random giveaways, door prizes and a show bag (I love show bags, just not packing them). There's also a pamper room, they do massages (note that there's no privacy and it's kinda scary), hair, nails and make-up. There were long lines, but if you bought a book you could entertain yourself while waiting.   

Here's a review of the event.

How early is too early to plant to attend an event? 
We bought tickets for an event in 11 months. 

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