Armageddon Expo - Melbourne 2013 - Cosplays @ Saturday, October 26, 2013

Armageddon Expo - Part 3 - Cosplays

Cyanide and Happiness
Paper mache heads. Popped a yoga ball?

Unknown - Assassin's Creed?


Unknown - Not an Interpretation of Jhudora (Neopets)

I wonder if she's wearing sunscreen between her...

That's an amazing jacket! This girl designed and made it herself.

Unknown - Doctor Who & Katara -  Pikachu Interpreted 


For some bizarre reason I remember guy on the left was at comic con last year. 

Transform (yes there is a guy in there and it was 30 degrees).
Game of Thrones - Unknown Anime Character? - Nurse Joy (Pokemon)

Best female joker I've seen. How do you keep the make-up not melting?

Batman Villains. That Harlequin dress is amazing. 

Corpse Bride. Inside the coffin handbag is ciggys. Fitting isn't it? :P

Mr Squiggle? - Unknown - Laxtex Scary Snow White Guy
His ... are balloons. Yes I asked. XD Why do black dolls look scary?

Ariel & Belle. Ariel is the Rapunzel, she does lots of Disney Princesses.
She uses hoops under the dress to make it big.

Jack Frost! I have yet to see 'Rise of the Guardians' but it's on the list.

Knights. That guy is really tall!

Enjoras - Les Miserables
The only les mis cosplay I saw. Very inspired to make my own brooch now. :P

Love this 50s version of Wonder Woman.
Aurora in the forest! Never seen this before (probs cause it's grey and boring) 
but this one was amazing, unlike the bit where I forgot and shot into the light 
- NEVER shoot into the direction of the light!

A woman in the woman's suffrage association. Mr Selfridge?

Pixie & Pirate. Love the flowers!

This is the Queen of Hearts I saw last year. This year it's a guy. :P
And he didn't have Alice and the White Queen with him. Sad.
Looks like people are over Wonderland (Burton, not the new OUAT version).

The one and only Flynn Rider. His Rapunzel is Ariel.

Unknown & Robin
This guy is not only taller than me, he's a lot younger too!
I met him later on and he was really nice, said voice actors are nicer than film.
As they're not super recognizable and still have to audition and work for the job.

Sorting Hat? Someone said no. Was it really worth wearing a not-hot-weather-friendly
outfit? If I was dressing up I'd have a winter and summer outfit.

Adventure Time & Lord of the Rings
LOTR girl was on stilts! Like flat wedges up very high up.
How do you walk in those? Don't learn forwards. ;)

It seems like Star Wars is always one of those cosplays you'll see.
Why is the guy on the far left different? Playing Star Wars is risky. 
If someone has the same outfit as you you'd better be the best one 
in the game of 'Who wore it better?'

Captain America - Unknown - Unknown

Transformer. It's amazing that people wear outfits that they 
can't go to the bathroom in or eat. I couldn't do it.

Family Cosplay! Deadpool says Fernando.

Megan (Hercules) was the first cosplay picture I took.
Some people did their hair and make-up at the place.
That's a great idea in the hope that your face doesn't melt.

It was a 30 degrees day. Inside it was hot and smelly (I swear a group of guys broke in on Saturday night and peed everywhere around the middle of the building (no where near the bathroom). Outside it was very sunny and windy. And yet people dressed up, from creepy cat bikinis (I didn't see it, but heard about it) to Transformers and Iron Man (costumes you can't sit/eat in). Some people has their foam-ish costumes melt a little. But still it was amazing everyone dressed up! There was two Korras, the amazing one from last year and one that wasn't as good. Gosh that must have been embarrassing to be her.

Did you go to Armageddon? What's your favourite cosplay?   

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