Armageddon Expo - Part 2

This hedgehog is awesome!

I do like plushies, some people collect teddy bears, I collect bunnies.

Pokemon & Studio Ghibli
Guy with the pink bandanna (staff) bought the pink tentacle.
It curls and bends as it has wire in it. Grey circle at the end, 
Unicorn & Cupcakes girl thought it was velco while I think it umm... buzzes? XD

I see Woody & Buzz (Toy Story), Adventure Time, Totoro (Studio Ghibli)
Hello Kitty, Walnut (Plants vs Zombies), Angry Birds, Yoshi (Mario)

Clockwork Butterfly - Silver Earrings 

Madness & Tea - Jack & Jill Event
We quite liked these, but couldn't decide which to get. 
Adrian would have liked one, HCI perhaps? 

Vandeville CoutureVictorian-esque Chokers
I like looking at these, though it's not my style, suits long necks.
If I was getting one I'd like a red one, 2nd picture on the right.

Cardi-Mania - This lady does mainly cardigans, but just for the expo she made some hairpieces like bows on clips, headbands and this cool spiderweb headpiece. I like it - but it's too flat. Unless I wear a big wig with it. 

Dr Susses Headband! Not my style, but I did buy this for someone. ;) 
Pirate DragonThing/seed beads in bottles, stones in wire. Helen would have 
liked this pendent, but I didn't get it as I know she prefers a more emerald green.

Pictures (Standard Size) $5 
I like the Pikachu one but there's something off about it...

Outside there were rides out the west exit along with yucky soggy churros.
Out front marques with food, only recognized Cajun Kitchen on Liz. St.
The other sources of food were from two overpriced cafes/cafeteria.
The 'Taiwan Pop Chicken' aka Popcorn Chicken was very popular.

Panels, this one was with Matt Melvin, one of the four authors 
of the online comic Cyanide & Happiness. He'll draw you for $20.

I met Luna Lovegood. She had the longest line for autographs. They're $40.
She didn't say anything, but one of the girls said she sounds exactly like in the films.
Staff get either an autograph or picture with someone, last year it was both.
As I love OUAT I had a hard time choosing between Luna & Geoppeto.

We didn't see many people in HP costumes, I feel as though perhaps it's dying a little.
Unlike Star Wars which is one of those cosplays you'll always see.
I regret not getting a HP costume when they were popular.
Most likely to be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

I met Janet Varney, she was lovely, she does the voice for Korra (Legend of Korra).
It's funny how I don't notice accents on tv unless they're like on the Simpsons.

Also met Gregg Berger (Odie, Garfield on Cartoon Network) who was funny and did all the voices of the characters he plays, including Odie (who doesn't talk, he just makes doggy noises). I also met Kari Wahlgren (Tigress in “Kung Fu Panda") and Saya and Diva in Blood+ (Dub), she was really nice too. I love Blood+ the sub version, and haven't seen the dub, sometimes animes dubbed aren't as good. Not the case with Fruits Basket though.

Voice actor autographs on postcard/standard photo size were free, bigger pictures were $10 as were the posters on the wall like the one pictured. Fiona does face painting for $5. Later on I saw her (not green) and didn't recognize her. :P 

There was a girl who went to the expo after work (she works at a donut shop) and offered staff & the talent donuts! I love it when people do that. :) I got a chocolate guy with a lost leg, the last time I had an iced donut would have been with my 2nd bf and that was more than 5yrs ago.

Though this is post 2/4 I shall have the conclusion-ish here. So far I haven't actually said what we actually did at the expo. :P We were on the door 12-3pm, though as most people had came through before then we did tickets/wristbands at the Showgrounds Station, train came every 40mins. And that was about all we did. Though the Saturday team had many no-shows so everyone worked the whole day.

On the way to the city I met Micheal, a photographer and vegan. What vegans eat other than veggies and nuts is still a topic of curiosity to me. What about cake? We were abnormally social on Sunday, met new people, sat with them too (I'm a little bit shy sometimes). Everyone was nice except the token manager, he was mean.

Pre-Dinner Snack. I've always wanted to try dim sims.
Nice but it was too intense the flavours, too much sauce within.
Nevertheless we shall be back to try them steamed to get a full review.
I really like their potato cakes though, and they used new oil when I was there.

Sometimes there's a guy (it's always a guy) a busker at the station.
As always we request 'Cannon in D' a wedding classic.

Did you go to the Armageddon Expo? 
Are you into comics and cosplaying? 
Do you have a repertoire you tend to stick to? 

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