Armageddon Expo - Melbourne 2013 - Part 1 @ Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Sunday we worked at the Armageddon Expo at Showgrounds.

Pikachu Onesie! I don't like onesies they look like fun sleeping bags to me. Was going to ask for a picture, but Pikachu was very busy and didn't see us watching. XD. From the noises it was making while stomping on the boxes I thought it was a girl, nope it's a guy.

Pixel Badges & Earrings $8 each or 2 for $15 

I love the concept of these, they remind me of Perler beads you make a picture with them on a peg board then melt with an iron to merge and it makes stuff. Reminds me of cross-stitching which I love for a while. They had the Perler beads when I was little and did after school care. For unknown reasons (probably because I was shy and a reject) I never got to do it. There's so much cool pictures you could make. FAQ/Guide. Love these but didn't buy one as I like them, but there isn't a specific one I'm attracted to. {Coding glitch, can't align this para left.}

Kristy Kate - Graphic artist, illustrator and designer
Based in Melbourne. Specialize in all things cute.

Cute badges! My partner for the day was a collector and bought 10 during the day.
I have a couple, but I'm not really a collector. Once stuck it on a canvas bag, I think I may have destroyed/devalued the bag a little, as there's little holes in it still. I bought the awesome dino in space one. :)  {Coding glitch, can't align this para left.}

With the dino design Kristy sells fabric with this print. I love it!
At $17.50 a yard (0.91 meters) + shipping, for a basic cotton it's $$.
However it would make an amazing skirt. But then there's shipping costs...  

These are nice, considered, but I wouldn't use it.

Bookmarks, pretty... but I don't use bookmarks. Could frame it?

We met Kristy Kate who was very friendly, Kate is her middle name, so when she gets married she wouldn't have to change it. That's a great idea. Wouldn't work with me though as my name doesn't have the alliteration and doesn't flow. That and I like to add a "&" between my first and middle name which makes me seem like two people. :P

Bought. They didn't have the Pikachu I was after, but I love Charmander too.

That's amazing! And sad that at the end of the day it'll be rubbed off the board.
We were going to come back when they were open, but forgot...

More badges.

We met Jason, who designs t-shirts, he was pretty cool.

Felt plushies! If only they had Merlin & the Disney Princesses.

Why not just sell them for $5 each? I still believe if you wear this you'll never get laid. XD
Not at a place like this, I mean like every day to classes, parties and stuff.

More badges. Most people sell them for $2, this place was $2.50.
Picture on the bottom, 2/3 was low quality prints.

Cushion Cases. I recognize the ponies, Fruits Basket and Naruto. 

Quirky Stylin' Alternative Threads
*click to enlarge*

$20 Earcuffs (sourced from ebay). Most of the bronze pieces like the HP triangle, PoTC coin and glass things can be found for under $5 on ebay. The amber bottle next to the PoTC coin is around $1 on ebay. Bad lighting, but it's the same bottle.

I quite like how they display their stuff on a silver tray of rice. By the way this stall was one of the only ones that bought stuff from ebay and sold it for much more than I get it it for. But they did also sell nice branded swing dresses and pettitcoats. And corset skirts, as seen on most corset website but aren't on ebay (yet).  

They knew that they sourced some stuff from ebay which is why they said no close-up pictures, only far away is ok. Anyone who says no is probably concerned you might try to copy their stuff or someone who sees the picture. But most of the time you have to know lots about that medium e.g. polymer/felt to attempt it.

I quite like this headpiece! It's a clip on though rather than headband which is what I prefer. Yes they do customs! I want to get something for my next dress-up event.  

Hell bunny petticoats/puffy $45 are sold here, I'm told that these are the average price and they're normally around $50. Can't decide which length to get some I didn't get one yet, plus I don't actually have any dresses that require a petticoat. Only hoops for my Southern dresses and wedding dresses.

VnV Boutique - Eye Cuffs
Ebay corset matching/styling skirts.

I saw this corset, not sure how much it is, but it's now on my ebay watchlist. :P
The ribbons are annoying, but this is my 2nd favourite corset (I have it in black).


High quality badges, including a range of Pikachu faces! I bought badges from here last year. These stickers have the same faces as the badges, on Sunday they only had a couple styles left, nothing I liked. :( This year they didn't have as much stock e.g. avatar badge sets.

Knights & Jousting
Medieval armor on a 30 degrees day.

Cheeky Apparel - Lingerie
Hope they don't take that literally
Not too fond of that. :P But I do love corsets!

Prices start from $40. I like most of them, but there wasn't a specific one I just had to get. Haven't seen most of these designs on ebay, where I get all my corsets (they're cheap and go up to $20). But if you're into corsets check out ebay first. Note that shipping does take a month.

Minion Bags! They have Micky & Minnie Mouse too. $30.

Part 1 - This post.

Blogger Ling said... on October 24, 2013 at 5:31 PM  

I love the keycovers.

Did you see Optimus Prime there?

Blogger Charlie said... on October 24, 2013 at 7:31 PM  

Stay tuned for Saturday's post, 30+ pictures of all the cosplays. :)

I think I did, I got pictures of two different transformers. It's amazing that with the 30 degrees heat guys still wear those outfits. :)

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