Her Fashion Box - September 2013 @ Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glamour Glimmer Sequin Clutch RRP $40.00
It's not my style, but I do like it. Will probably wear it a couple times. Would I buy it? No, I'm not a clutch person as it's tiny. Doesn't fit anything but the contents of my pockets. You could also easily be robbed! On price this is worth $30 max, though I'd value it at $20.   

The Brando ID Bracelet RRP $40.00
With this box I got the bracelet/ring in silver. Yay! I prefer silver jewelry most of the time. Some girls have considered getting this engraved I wouldn't do that, the silver colour would come off. This is big chunky and kinda more for the modern girl than me, not my type. Worth $5 in my opinion. Ebay doesn't agree $1.50 USD for gold, $2.00 for silver (no extension chain though). Here's a picture of the bracelet modeled by Jen 

White Hot Cocktail Ring RRP $40.00
Pretty to look at, but I'm not a ring person. Plus this ring is really big and you can't adjust it to make it smaller. Thumb ring?

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer (Coral Crush and Blue Freeze)  RRP $6.00
I do like nail polish, but paint my every few weeks. Used to paint them weekly but then they went yellow (with base). Coral isn't my colour but I will try it this Spring. Blue I like. We've bought this brand before and it's good. 

Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon (Dollface Pink) RRP $8.00
Don't use lipstick enough, still got those 3 pack ones back from when they first came out as a cheap Clinque. :P Still haven't opened the Clinque one I got either. 

Designer Brands Kohl Eyeliner (Black) RRP $5.00
Already got one of these, I think it's a pencil (comes with a shaver), I prefer crayon. For a $40 box shouldn't the brands be more $$? DB is really cheap and made in china. 

Lon Vitalite Collagen Firming & Moisturizing Facial Mask (1 Piece) RRP $6.00
Looking forwards to using this, I love cloth masks. Not sure if they actually do anything except feel nice though...

Puretan Pure Moisture Body Scrub - Trial Size
We've heard lots about coconut stuff but never tried it. Looking forwards to it.

Magazines that came in the box. Three useful pages between them.

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