Last Week of Classes @ Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday 14th October

Last week of classes and ms events doesn't recognize me that can't be good... Presentations, 10mins but we took 2mins. So glad I made slides, other girls in the group decided to almost "wing it". The other group was much better than us with their maps (I had a map too) youtube videos and all. It was hard cause you're selling the event not summarizing all the event details. 

We were selling the "Change of Life Career's Expo". 
This isn't one of the pictures we used, but it looks better.

Group Feedback:
- did not introduce members of the group I was 3rd speaker, could have rounded it up...
- lacked enthusiasm in parts
- really liked your spin on the presentation - did not rely on words, very few slides, spoke to images. Very creative and well done Yay! I made the slides. :P
- missing summary and conclusion - always have a wrap up even if short Yep that was me, I was/am a bit lost on how to sell this event. 


I'm assuming "did not rely on words" refers to the slides? Took me a few hours to figure that out. Made the slides about 15mins before I left in the morning, forgot the sponsors... The other girls weren't going to do slides! Even though it said in the project we need slides/prezzi.

Cards was cancelled as ms cards was sick. Not going for a while as I got exams and stuff. :(

Mr marketing is back and I think he's kinda evil and got amazing aim, I wished I had aim like that. We were talking about bunnies and how he hunts them and possums back in NZ (he lived on a farm it seems or in the country, they had cows). He gave a tip on possum hunting, shine a light in their face they won't see it coming. Also don't eat possums other than they're "gamey" you could get tb! Not that I have every intended to eat anything that wasn't mainstream. 

On bunnies I asked if he has a dog, yes, and would he eat dogs. And he said yes if he was offered mystery meat in 'nam. He has tried crows feet I think he said. O.O Mr marketing is very interested, somehow we got on killing umm people and he says a gun makes it too easy. He recommends having a bit of fun with them first... Slightly disturbed that he can get a bunny between the eyes! You can't kill my bunny! Recommends pulling out toe nails not so post-mortum. I've seen that but with the ring finger, it was like a signature with a serial killer we studied in criminology. These days I prefer to stick to pretty things in wedding planning. No more analyzing blood spatters or forensic psychopathy. Unfortunately some I know but fortunately rarely see, brings out the psychopath in me...

An ex gave me this book. Might have contributed to him being an ex.

NK girl found me! It is possible she's more persistent that me if that's possible. I'm scared, how do you tell someone you don't want to be friends without telling them to f off and that you don't want to be friends. There have been hints e.g. you ask for their number but don't get it.

Found some new places I want to try.

Snacking is a very American Thing. The French don't support it.
This happened on two different days.  

Mail! There was no mail last week. A parcel from a Sukin Sponsored Giveaway. :)

  • Sunless Bronzing Gel - I'm not into tanning so sending this to a family friend. 
  • Lip Treatment - Meant to exfoliate then use at night. Oh I didn't know that thought it was just a lip balm. As a lip balm it's not moisturizing enough for me.
  • Wellbeing Body Oil - Multi-use and can be used for a massage, bath oil, post shaving/waxing or on the hand/foot to soothe the skin. Looking forwards to massages. Bath oil not so much as I still have lots of Lush bath products from last Christmas. Used as a moisturizer it's too much - a citrus scent, orangey. Too scented for my liking, in summer the scent would be overwhelming
  • Hydrating Mist Toner - If I get that office job it shall live at the office this summer. If not it'll be my next toner - if it removes the last traces of make-up. 


Productivity is at a minimum. Made coconut macaroons (not the same as $2.50-$3.00 macarons by Adrian Zumbo). Recipe makes 8 big ones, but I made 27 small ones and baked them for 10mins instead of 20mins for the big ones. They were a bit plain so I melted some buttons I already had, dipped them in that and then... rainbow sprinkles!

You could makes heaps and freeze then baked or unbaked, but I don't like them that much. Like but not love. Dipped them in chocolate and then remembered it's 27 degrees tomorrow. :( This is why chocolate and Christmas doesn't work here, it's not a white Christmas, it's more like Cali Summers with bushfires and dashboards hot enough to bake bananas. I'm out of clear bags - they don't stock them anymore! the store we went to. Hard to find at a good price.


Her Fashion Box (Feminine) - September 2013 

Mail! Arrived when I was making the macaroons. A pink box and within a black box.  I love looking at all the subscription boxes but would never buy them myself as I don't use that many beauty products and jewelry is over valued and not my style. 

The value is only what the customer perceives it to be, and in this case the customer can find it elsewhere cheap, or didn't like it enough to buy it. We have someone who agrees with me. :P

HFB is another subscription box that sells for $40 a month. Last month, the Sept box is said to be worth $125. Debatable. 


Arrived half way through the afternoon class I rarely make it to (I do live 2hrs away). Marketing girl likes the small present I gave to her for her b'day. :) 

Made coconut macaroons for some people. They're not the $$ cookie ones, they're made of coconut. Amazingly on a 27 degrees day they didn't melt, that or no one mentioned that in the feedback. Saw mr events who's always nice and he said he liked my outfit. :) I don't dress like everyone else, every other college kid. Though there are a couple girls who do have style including one of the girls in event ops (Monday presentation). 

Guest speakers from Czech. Czech state, formerly known as Bohemia. Nothing relating to bohemian/bohemianism which other than a lifestyle is seem more of a laid-back style of fashion featuring no shoes, daisy chains, hippies and free love. 

Exam stuff, 4 essays, the 1st 4-5pgs then 3 3+ pages. Not sure if I can do this... 

Mr cb tut says he's an easy marker. While he is a pretty east going guy he's not an easy marker - we have proof. I got 9/20 on my first essay for epic fail structure, lack of flow and a general I have no idea what I'm talking about waffle. 

*Scroll up for picture, 3rd one.*

Craving hot chips, french fries in particular. Resisted but ended up getting fig yoghurt and a Portuguese tart. At Southern Cross Safeway all pastries are $1.50 after 6pm. Always wanted to try that tart and tonight I did. It's a sweet custard tart, I like it, but I think I prefer egg tarts.

Mail's been coming early recently, around 12.30pm. It came before I left today. Ebay order, sent me the wrong colour last time. This time the wrong colour and wrong size. *sigh* 

Earrings! Do you even have pierced ears? Nope. But these are lovely, and would look nice with a white or canary yellow dress. I love the gold bits on it turquoise  Great colour choice, it's like hot pink on black. 


Saw a bird. I think it was a baby bird, could fly but only a little. 
Can you spot the bird? It's a noisy minor if that helps.

Found a new froyo place, same one as at QV.

Had time to stop for ice cream on the way to school. :) 
But didn't think of getting postcards for my penpal at the time, will do that next week. 

Ice Cream at Movenpick
Vanilla - Tiramisu - White Chocolate

Class was meh, didn't learn much. No one from the group turned up, I made coconut macaroons! Oh well... Mr lpm tut talked about his career, he studied classical music, that's impressive. :) Most people are kinda slobs to me, or average jeans & t-shirt kinda people who I'll never notice. Most people around me aren't very educated (this excludes most of my friends and people I sit with in class). He worked with Baz Luhrmann when they were younger, that's amazing! Though you have to be super hardworking and knowledgeable at multiple things to be there. 

I remember analyzing R+J with Ian, picking up references to Shakespeare, analyzing costumes, etc. Reading it in class in yr9 with our great English teacher Mr S who made the boys read girl parts. XD When we saw the old film and say Olivia topless all the boys wanted to him to rewind. He laughed and said at his age (35-ish) you'll be over porn. He was fun and knew lots of about lots of things like national airports, geography, and he spoke fluent French. A few years ago we saw R+J the goth/emo musical, it was pretty cool. 

As class we had a major case of indecision  Indian or American for dinner? 
Lost somehow we ended up getting McD... 

Met someone new today, he works at the train station, was there when I left for school and when I came back 8hrs later. He doesn't believe in alarm clocks, but rather your internal alarm clock, which I've read about. 

Found the TL guy at the event last week (the one who reminds me of my first bf). He's a Personal Trainer who specializes in a range of things including things that require lots of strength, remedial massage and weight loss. Looks like we have nothing in common. :(  How do you ask someone to have coffee with you and either network or be friends anyway? 


I had a dream I turned a certain someone who constantly annoys me (though he's not picking on me or anything, it's just his presence) into a tube of Alamay CC Cream, and that was all that was left of him, other than a pair of oval cufflinks. Yellow background, red star with many edges (think comic book style) and the word "POW" on it. Turns out he was a cop and they're all looking for him. Me and myself (that's right I've seen myself as two people before - in a dream) are high on the suspect list. There were cops at every corner in the city getting people to swear an oath that they know nothing of the disappearance and that they would come forwards if they had any information. That'a bit extreme don't you think? 

The cream was pink, tinted with his blood. Not sure what we did with that, but seriously who would look inside a make-up bottle for blood? Unless they were like tons of them. The cufflinks were harder to get rid of, did try sticking them onto a picture that they would have blended in perfect. But in the end I decided to burry it someone, the woods near the park (not that there is no woods anywhere near us, but I have had dreams about those woods before) or under the sandpit at the school down the road.

They didn't find him in the end (when the phone rang!) but they were onto us, the house was wired and they were listening to every movement. 

I think exam stress is getting to me....

Dr. Blood work results. I have an autoimmune disease  Something relating with the thyroid (though the dr has assured me my throat will not expand like a frogs' like that woman in the health textbook) or I might have rheumatoid arthritis. So I'm freaking out a little, or a lot. Adrian (also a dr, and my BIL) says he doubts it's arthritis and I'll be fine. Still freaking out a little/lot.

It's Halloween soon. But that doesn't stop them from selling xmas stuff already. 

American Candy - Reject Shop
Reeses Pieces aka PB M&Ms 425g $6
Hershey's Minitures Classics Bag 340g $6
Reese PB Cup 8pk $3
Smarties* Tube 170g $3
Butterfinger Bites 100g $2.50
Whoppers Big Box 142g $2.50

*Smarties isn't American but it came in a tube, that's different. 

Saw this on the way home. Tempting but no. Bad reviews.
We've been there for tea, sugar coma!
Plus we're going to China Bar next month.

Well that was depressing. Finn died. :( Old news but this week Glee had an episode on it. It would be pretty cool to have a Desperate Housewives style look back at their life as they did for Edie, random handyman who had one episode, and Mike. Pretty funny how everyone blamed Puck for the missing Letterman jacket when Mr Schue took it. XD Though I do wonder if Fin was actually buried in one. I know I want to be buried in my wedding dress, though we don't know how it's all going to fit.

I do quite like that song and want to have it sung at my funeral :P When the dr said I was sick I had already knew that I would die relatively young. I have lived and done many thing others my biological age haven't. The only thing I haven't done is get married (2016/18) and traveled.

Skimming a r'ship book. I really don't believe this, this is the guide to becoming a spinster. People may approach me to be friends but nothing more. The last time a guy asked me out was 3yrs ago. Though admittedly I'm a bit scary :P. Le beau didn't really ask me out we just started seeing each other without the group.

Do you believe in waiting for men to make the first move?


I love Saturdays, as I'm working almost every Sunday this month I see le beau on Saturdays. This week we're making what I think are called bucket lists while being the ever so optimistic guy he is, he calls it a fun and very long and very $$$ to do list.

Shopping at Myer - Spoon Measures. Wine Glass Labels.
Picnic rug that he likes, even though mine is fine and green. 

There's so much I want to do, though the main things I want to do is get married and travel. And there's so many things that he's done (and Jas) that I have never done, like have fish & chips on the beach , fly a kite (successful, top level of the east car park at Habour Town looks good) go canoeing, have and decorate the perfect Christmas tree. Those are the less expensive experiences I have yet to experience. And I want to do it all before it's too late.         

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